Destructoid: Japanese hardware sales, Jan. 3 - Jan. 9: Game Within a Game edition

With LittleBigPlanet 2 due out within the next 48 hours, you've probably already worked out what your very first creation is going to look like.


Joystiq (not destructoid)

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LORD-PHOENIX2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

whys the link joystiq?

HarryMonogenis2836d ago

It's funny how this got approved despite the title error. And now the submitter is unable to change it..

Inzo2836d ago

Wow, look at that, PS3 outselling the xbox by 400%, its the beginning of the end for xbox I tell you! ;)

2836d ago
AAACE52836d ago

Look at the fanboys... still thinking Japan is going to magically save the day and buy a few million Ps3's a year!

BTW, now that it is saying something you want to hear, everything is ok huh? When it showed america leading, all you guys could do is say, "It's not worldwide sales".

Why aren't you guys complaining about worldwide sales now?

sleepy32836d ago

Its been like that for 4 years now and the 360 has been just fine. Why will it now be the beginning of the end?

ChristianGamer2836d ago

Well of course when you put it that way it sounds all doomed and what not. 400% is a very large number. However we both know that that isn't the full story, because the actual difference is 52 000 units. Still an impressive number but when you factor in the numbers of the NPD region ad in that the difference there was 650 k units, you realise that x360 is FAR from doomed. 220k units(monthly going on this trend) < 650 k units difference
This is not the beginning of any end, Japan has always been this way. In fact, 360 has just enjoyed its best year ever, to say this is the end is very narrow minded. Japan after all is not the world

adamx2836d ago

lmao and you made yourself look like a fool, writing all that bs you did in response to a comment that wasn't serious .

Masterchef20072836d ago

those numbers are normal for japan