Indie Dev Spiral Game Studios Kick Starts Orion:Prelude for PS3/360/PC

Indie Studio SGS has recently started their campaign, as an effort to raise money in order to get their game , ORION: Prelude, to be developed and published for all 3 major platforms in digital distribution form. The title pays homage to games such as Halo, Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament. To find out more check out the link for yourself.

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belal2889d ago

wow looks awesome lol!

rockleex2889d ago

Inception music ftw.

Looks better than Modern Combat.

Nitrowolf22889d ago

for a downloadable game, this looks like something i could really get into.

Pandamobile2889d ago

This looks really cool :o

Pandamobile2889d ago

Donated $10 cus I'm feeling philanthropic :)

BenBoesel2889d ago

Donated 100 Dollars - I want a unique jetpack particle color! Wohoo

Goldchocobo2889d ago

Looks really good, I wish the best for these guys!

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