Humanoid Robot Mirrors Its Master, Courtesy Kinect

Gizmodo writes:

"This nifty Kinect demo involving a robot mimic is all sorts of amazing, but after I viewed it I couldn’t help but wonder: When people talk about Kinect, do they ever mention the games anymore?

Seems every Kinect story that surfaces on the net these days is about some glorious hack or modification involving the hardware, with nary a nod to Kinect Sports or Dance Central."

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Bigpappy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Could you imagine 2 people at an arcade controlling to actual giant robots in a ring with their motions. That is what I think of seeing this vid.

Deathstroke2806d ago

No, but I can imagine the robots controlling the humans with their motions (like the other Kinect titles).

ManGastaS2806d ago

What have you done Microsoft!!!

BrianG2806d ago

Gotta say, thats kinda cool.

The Meerkat2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

What about humans controlling robots to build other robots?

Then the saved data is used by a robot to build many other robots...and so on.

Before you know it. Judjment Day.

All because of Kinect.

baodeus2806d ago

i think u forget the part where it need to order parts.

The Meerkat2806d ago

Phew, The world is saved because of the complexities of ordering high tech gear online.

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