What Sony must Learn from Today's Cheap PS3 Frenzy - PS3 Would Dominate

The PlayStation 3 is the most powerful gaming console in the market, yet the console always seems to land in 3rd place when it comes to system sales every holiday season. What happened to the PS Move? What happened to the initial success GT5 was suppose to deliver? Forget the fanboy talk, the PS3 is financially failing for Sony. But one thing will prove that Sony can overturn this misfortune and be back on top. If software is how Sony makes its money, then let’s see this happen.

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jidery2887d ago

Any current gen console would dominate at $40...

MariaHelFutura2887d ago

IDK, I think $37.50 would be the sweet spot.

iamnsuperman2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

That would be amazing. If that were true I wouldn't be worrying that my nearly four year old fat PS3 was about to die. Just go pick up another console and have it just incase. I am hoping they drop the price soon my PS3 doesn't look so healthy atm. It will be sad to see it go but less so with a price cut

-Superman-2887d ago

Well... Of cause cheap PS3 would dominate but making blu ray, cell and software in PS3 is not cheap.
PS3 is powerful console :D

Jezuz2887d ago

any consoles would be awesome-er than evar when at 40

AAACE52887d ago

I think deals like this are bullshit! I think they did it on purpose to get rid of old stock. The 60 gig was a good one... Wish I got one, but I'm ok with my 250 gig.

Either way, console sales will go up a little bit so it works out.

Wenis2887d ago

I sure hope it doesnt drop in price. Only because I just bought a 160gb for $265 lol. I still got it for $35 cheaper than normal but would be sad if it were to drop to $199 like next week...


no really there are mods on this site...seriously there are,wait dont goooo

2887d ago
RedDragan2887d ago

Yet another America = The World article. Shame.

Wasn't the $40 a mistake anyway? I am not sure how things work in America but in Europe, and possibly Japan, a company does not have to oblige with orders if there was a pricing mistake. They only need to contact people who placed the order and ask if they wish to continue the purcahse at full price.

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Megaton2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Hold that sacred info close, jidery. Desz might steal it and try to use it to get a job at Sony.

Apparently he thinks Sony doesn't know that lowering the price of something helps move units. Clearly, being a genius, he needed to write an article to make sure Sony knows.

Tony-Red-Grave2887d ago

"the PS3 is financially failing for Sony." then why would they sell it for $40? stupidity at its finest

Ashby_JC2886d ago

He never suggested selling it at $40!!

He made the comparison that when it sold for $40 as a special there was a frenzy.

He suggested SONY dropping the price overall...but not to the crack head price of $40.

All in all a waste of an article. Drop price ..sales go he sure?

Vherostar2887d ago

3rd place only in the US only these articles fail because yet again they only take into account 1 country.

Trizard2886d ago

Sorry, man, its still 3rd place including the rest of the world but its close.

ImmortalLegend2886d ago

Will I get sued by Sony for buying the PS3 for $40?

visualb2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

sure they'd dominate in sales...but not in profit (hint: thats what really matters)

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blackburn52887d ago

I kinda see what he means. Not $40.00 of course but a cheaper price for a system would attract more people. Haters keep going on about how no one is interested in the PS3 anymore but with the gaming line up it has plus all it's entertainment value i.e. 3D, Bluray, movie streaming etc why not buy a PS3?

aviator1892887d ago

True, but this would easily be true for any other console on the market.
However, the PS3 would most likely benefit from it.

R_aVe_N2887d ago

All Sony really needs is a 199 console and the gap would close within a few months lol.

ChristianGamer2887d ago

Did you really laugh out loud or are you just typing that?

R_aVe_N2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

You are an odd little monkey aren't you.....

knifefight2887d ago

I often wonder this when I see "lol."

It's a more interesting muse than this article, at least.

I mean, no shit, ANY current system would sell like mad at $40. But did that man REALLY laugh out loud? Now that one is a thinker....

mastiffchild2887d ago

My mate Laurie always signs off as "lol"-maybe there was never any laughing out loud or even meant to be?

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Soldierone2887d ago

Totally. It wouldn't be able to stay on shelves just like the 199 360. Look at Wii. Do all the Wii owners honestly love their Wii? Not really, at least the majority, but hey it was cheap.

Godmars2902887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Hell, if this mistake had been serious, they would have closed the gap - with the DS - by the end of this week.

If they could have kept up with supply that is. Stayed in business after taking such a hit.

Omega Zues2887d ago

"What Sony must Learn"

Wait, you think Sony needs to learn that? Who would of known, a system costing less then the games on it would sell like hot cakes. Just imagine if games sold for like $4.99. Go to, buy Mass Effect 3 on launch for $4.99. Yeah it would sell like a Bajjilion copies.

SpitFireAce852887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Omega right on even if the games were like $20
they would sell like crazy and gamers would buy
a lot more games including my

PS.I believe that $199 would be a sweet spot for
the PS3 it should sell at least 30-50% more then
it does now...

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