Final: Heavenly Sword a killer app for PS3

Sony's Heavenly Sword for the Playstation 3 is a top action title that carries visceral action in a stunning fantasy world. The combat engine wields a variety of actions that are as engaging to perform as they are to watch.

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Violater3745d ago

"Heavenly Sword is a fantastic title that offers an excellent theatrical gaming experience. While the title turns tamer in crossbow action sequences, the razor-sharp swordplay, gorgeous visuals, and top production values make it an undeniable killer app for the PS3 hardware."

+1 :D

ISay3744d ago

i agree with everthing you said but you fail to mention the game is to short i beat the game in 2 seatings. 5 hours total. for those wondering why the demo was so short its because if it was any longer you whould have played the whole game . 100%strong rental a buy at $30 price point

nasim3744d ago

he owns an x360 which has burned down.

This is why he is trolling the ps3 section.

Hs makes all games on x360 loook like wii games

Relientk773745d ago

i am sooo getting this game its has stunning graphics and kickass gameplay

Lightning Mr Bubbles3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

They also managed to make good use of the sixaxis, shooting arrows and controlling them with the sixaxis, it's fun.

sticky doja3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Most reviews I have read, including this one, says its sub-par, feels tacked on, and isn't much fun.

To this article - "Players are required to tilt the Sixaxis controller to weave the arrow directly into the enemy. The combat can become repetitive over various missions,"

Sorry but besides that I can't seem to find where I read that from, so for lack of a link I take back my statement and sorry to anyone that got upset because of it. Not tryin to flame, thought I read that in a couple of diff places.

trane073745d ago

Its general average reviews is an 81. No subpar, tacked on, and un-fun game is deserving of that score. Which makes heavenly sword no where near that range. Where do you get your info from? are they review sites, or fanboys?

And then to say "including this review" What the? You're joking right?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

wow? That to me is honestly one of the funnest parts of the game. Every comment I mention about Heavenly sword, I have to mention how fun this sixaxis gameplay element is.

You shoot arrows and then you become them in slow motion, and you gotta direct them. Slows everything down and gives you pin point like accuracy. I loved it, it's one of my favorite parts of the game. It feels like it really gives you an edge sorta like Max Payne slow motion.

Hell, it's even fun when you miss. You feel like you just came inches away from sticking someone good.

still the worst3745d ago

if u cant afford a ps3 and play the game yourself
shut up go get a job and get out your
moms basement already
mommy wont buy you a ps3

Wolfmoonstrike3745d ago

I think you read that in PSM but take into account this is also the same reviewer who gave warhawk a 6.5. but the arrows part is alot of fun and can be pretty funny.

sticky doja3745d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I wish my parents would buy me a PS3 or I wish I did live in my parents basement, then I could afford a PS3 but unfortunatly, like I have said before, I have way to many things to pay for all by myself: Rent, car, directv, highspeed internet, phone, electricity, food, gas, school and misc loans, a 2 1/2 month old daughter and a girlfriend that has yet to find a job. I don't have enough money to spend on a $500-600 gaming system. Those are the facts. I would be willing to fork over $400, but I don't have the resources to up that by $100-200. It would be nice if I could but I can't.

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rusgreim3745d ago

A 5.5 hour game with no online and no multiplayer, with relatively no repeat value is a killer app?

This is hilarious, enjoy playing Heavenly POS and Liar, and I'll be loving every minute of Halo 3 and Bioshock!

trane073745d ago

No one says it better than a true 360 fanboy. Lol. Truely. Lol. Keep it up, and MS will hand you a check before you know it.

ZombiesNJ3745d ago

Is just as short and also has no multiplayer...

sticky doja3745d ago

It took me over 20 hours to beat it on the hardest setting the first time through. And that was without going everywhere you can go.

The Real Joker3745d ago

Going to have to interject here and say you are wrong. Bioshock is a 20 hour game (took me 25 because I take my time). Quit being a fanboy. HS is a great keeps most of my time :). Don't be an idiot. Fighting fanboyism with fanboyism is pointless. I own both consoles and have to say that Bio is worth pickup up a 360 and HS is worth picking up a PS3.

macalatus3745d ago


Look, the only reason why Heavenly Sword seems to be 5.5 hours is that our console doesn't risk dying an hour after playing the game. I totally agree that you are going to enjoy "every minute" of your Halo and Bioshock gametime because once your console goes out of whack, it's a long, excruciating wait 'till you get back your *laughs* refurbished 360. And the cycle repeats again. So yes, 360 games are way longer, 'coz there's no way in hell can you finish them within a year, with all the repair and shipping going on.

darx3745d ago

I've finished plenty of games on my 360 and have yet to wait for anything? What do you possibly mean?

Alvadr3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Surprise, Suprise. Another brand loyal Xbot come to try and pull down this title.

5.5 Hours - More like 10+hours

You obviously havent played HS so how can you comment. Why is it so hard for 360 owners to accept that the PS3 also has great games, hmmmmm.

I detect a lot of bitterness in your post so maybe you have already come to realise this.

TruthBTold3745d ago

Am opinion like that comming from you considering your avatar seems some what strange..*sarcasm* haven't even played the game, how can you judge. I purchased the game and am enjoying it. It's not like the game being a single player was a secret. We all knew what we were buying. So far it's been a great game. You probably don't get to play much since the only game worth buying is multiplayer games. You probably never enjoyed games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Bioshock, sad, instead of being a fan of games, you come off being a fanboy. Enjoy what you can but I suggest you keep dumb comment like that to your self.

nurayi3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

wow now its 5.5 hours. The speedruns are getting better.

I am at the end of chapter 3 with 9 hours invested. I could see someone playing strait through in maybe 6-7 hours. But you can run through ico in around 4-5 hours, and that doesnt make it any less of a masterpiece. I guess some people play a game to beat it, or for the achievments or whatever. I like to take my time and soak in the game, look around and note all the detail that has been sown in. If you dont just run through every level this game will last you for quite a bit of time. Then there is going back and unlocking 100% which should take a while, and then hell mode. Rez has 5 stages an unlockable stage and some extras and its still a great game. Ico and SoTC only have hard modes, and very little unlockable content, yet these are some of my favorite games.

Anyone who hesitates to get this title is doing themselves a dis-service, and people who havent even played it that keep on spouting out "6 hour" this and "6 hour" that just need to break from the groupthink.

ZombiesNJ3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I actually got my xbox360 today and i got bioshock. I respect people who play both systems and i'm into all kinds of games. I just think it's unfair how people automatically discredit the game because it doesnt have multi-player. Not every great game has to have multi-player. I will enjoy both games without multi-player. If you read any of my previous posts, you would know that I am not a fanboy. Quote from my previous post about the PS3 in it for the long term:

"I'm tired to all the fanboys on this site. Both consoles are great and have strengths and weaknesses. I like the fact that PS3 is coming out with games like Little Big Planet, Echocrome, Pain!, and everyday shooter that are different from any other games out there. I also am going to get viva pinata, lost planet. I appreciate unique games that deliver new and interesting ways to play. I like the fact that the PS3 includes wi-fi, whereas XBox360 does not include this feature. I think that XBox360 provides excellent online capabilities and I am going to enjoy downloading HD movies to it when I get it next week.

About the article, it's just an opinion, and I would leave it at that. In my opinion, the current DVDs I watch now have excellent picture clarity and there is really not a big jump in clarity from DVD to HD-DVD or Blu-ray discs on my HD TV for me to spend the extra money on a HD format. That's not to say that i won't buy Blu-ray or HD-DVD movies in the future, but it's just not worth the extra money at this point. I think as more people buy HD TVs and as the prices for the movie players and the movies come down in price, then of course they will become mainstream. But for now, there in no reason for the general public to upgrade to HD DVDs. Just like any other technology, the price will come down in time and there isn't that big of a picture quality difference compared to when we went from VHS to DVD.

I do think the PS3 is built with a longer life cycle in mind, but that's not to say that it will stay like it is for 10 years. There will be harware revisions much like in the past. I do think Sony made it with the long haul in mind, with the ability to replace the HD with any laptop HD and with a Blu-ray player. Microsoft is more or less focusing on the X-box Live service, rather then the hardware itself. Although hardware add-ons are optional, they are pricy and all proprietary. (wi-fi, new HD, HD-DVD drive) Because they did not build these options into the unit, I think they are going with a more short term strategy, although as the hardware evolves, it is possible that they will include these in a future unit. This strategy is ok for the short term, but in order for them to be profitable they need a long term strategy (which they didn't have with Xbox) and they Xbox360 should be out for at least another 6 years.

On my PS3 I own Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Need for Speed Carbon, Ridge Racer 7, Oblivion, Resistence: Fall of Man, and Motorstorm. All of which I really enjoy. My PSN name is: ZombiesNJ

When I purchase an Xbox360 Elite next week I will also get Bioshock, Lost Planet, Gears of War, Viva Pinata, Madden 2008, and of course Halo 3 on the 25th. I look forward to playing these games with everyone online and I respect people who own both systems for whatever reasons they purchased them, I hope they enjoy them."


Ain't anyone curious why HS play time is getting shorter and shorter every time someone bring it up?

First is 10-12 then 7-9 then 6-7 now we have 5.5?
what next 3 hours??

CrimsonAngelic3744d ago

So while this game is original in its game play mechanics you would sit and play a boring ass FPS with terrible storyline, recycled gameplay,and to bioshock yes its fun, but has no replay value at all either you would still call this game bad? Wow from a guy who owns a 360 get a damn hobby and play this game before you knock it. This game is badass. PS3 is building up on fun games faster than Xbox did. I believe at this time in xbox 360s life it had probably 2 fun games, FEAR, and Gears.

Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm* which was a launch title that kicked ass*, and more to come...funny isn't it?

Kadajvs3744d ago

Bioshock...are you kidding me..i bought bioshock and i wish that i hadnt..bioshock is around 10hours of gameplay going straight through the game my roommate and i both beat it in around 8-10hours.. yes it's a little longer if you do all the side missions which only diehard people with no lives do..and in most games side missions are so pointless and people dont bother with them so why have them in the game in the first place..and it also has no online so i dont see your point in mentioning bioshock. Halo 3 yes it's going to be a good game and yet i promise you it wont be more then 10-12hours long. For one not first person shooter is ever a lengthy game. They've put so much into Halo 3 which is made on a dvd format disc might i add so i'm sorry to say you diehard xbot fans know this..bungie has put way more effort into the online part of the game the story will not be lengthy point blank and simple and if it wasnt for online everyone knows this that halo wouldnt be jack squat. People wouldnt still be playing Gears if it didnt have online because the story is stupid and short. HS is not freakin 5hours it's almost right on the button of 8 so you obviously havent played it or you're just saying crap to down a fantastic game that's entertaining all the way through not at just certain points and it is a killer's sold out at almost every retail here..I live in atlanta so it's not a small area. yes I'm gonna buy halo 3 only because ive played the story of the other two the online part never really got into that but yet when UT3 is released for the PS3 i will be all over that..I like my 360 but it's not gonna get much attention thanks to my PS3...hate it love it PS3 rocks FTW

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DeZimatoR3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Don't know what kind of reviews you have been reading but ok...they probably have a green stamp on the cover no? ;)

Tell you what: try out the game yourself and then judge it according to your own experience.

Anyways, I don't know why there needs to be someone saying this game or that game is AAA, it appears now games can only be great if these supposed 'professional game journalists' say so...

On another note, the only real criticism this game got is that its way too short...and when thats the only big negative point that can be found about a game its a pretty good sign it has got everything else right on spot don't you think?

P.S. @ 4 a.k.a. xbot in denial cause Halo 3 isn't here yet: man go walk your dog or read a book or something, just cause you still can't have a nerdgasm while playing Halo it doesn't mean we have to put up with your mindless babbling...BTW, 5.5 hours? Where did you get that from? Your ass?

Tell you what: you will enjoy Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect and whatnot more and PS3 owners will enjoy Heavenly Sword, Racthet & Clank, GT5: Prologue, Uncharted, Haze, Unreal Tournament III, etc.

Sounds fair?

sticky doja3745d ago

Don't worry, I will be enjoying those games as well. I won't, however, be enjoying them until the PS3 price drops to $399.00 or lower. I have always said I'm a big Playstation fan, just not a fan of the PS3's pricetag.