SlyGamers: SONY To begin permanently Banning and to release FW 3.60 to combat PS3 Jailbreak

"Okay first off let me apologize about the really bad website layout right now as we are currently still a work in progress. Now with the latest news about Custom Firmware hitting PS3, and Geohotz incident many online users have been wondering if you can get ban. Now here is a phone call that someone has made to Sony Austrailia. "

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Nitrowolf22768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yeah guys i'm sorry about it being a download only if someone here can upload to youtube it would be great. Also if anyone is interesting in helping me with my site it would be great also.

deadreckoning6662768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

"SONY To begin permanently Banning and to release FW 3.60 to combat PS3 Jailbreak"

I'll believe it when I see it.

Abash2768d ago

Its about time Sony, cant say the hackers dont deserve whats coming

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Nitrowolf22768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Dead we don't make money based off hits, as you can see our ads are also hidden from viewing eyes ( i overlayed them with the black background). Pretty much i got a good deal from my host site to have a full package for free, but like i said we don't generate money from hits nor can we even track them

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It's from Customer Service

Nitrowolf22768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The video is being added right now, It's from Customer service and please understand the story type that it is.

@Alpha below

let me clarify something for you
I have been paying close attention to the Sony CFW, and Three very popular Spanish hackers Waninkoko, Hermes and Naima's have actually clarify a file that Geohotz palnted inside the PS3 with the following message

"// The NPDRM decryption keys are not included anywhere // I do have them, but see no purpose in releasing them // Please do not blacklist the keypair I use // These applications give you no ability to decrypt NPDRM"

-Alpha2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Wasn't it said that the hack couldn't be seen by Sony?

I think it's possible that Sony is just using a scare tactic/bluff when they say that you will be banned. Threatening you with a ban will keep many people away from hacking.

I'm sure they will do it if they can but I was under the assumption that the hack was undetectable because of the way the hack operates. Anyone know for sure?

deadpoole2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Ban Hammer is inevitable ... question is what will be the right time for Sony to put hackers out of their misery. Im having a feeling, ban hammer is not gonna go in effect atm. Hackers have got few solid 6 - 8 months and then BAM ... what u know, u can't sign in to PSN anymore.

My rational behind is that there are very few modded PS3 out there and banning them won't make an example out. But thinkin of all this reminds me of Xbox 360, what stopped them from hacking again and again and again ... hmmmmm.

Well I think now people will have choice compared to before ... now they can either have hacked PS3 or Xbox 360 as their secondary offline playing console and other for online playing.

edit: Yeah youtube vid is working fine nitro.

morganfell2768d ago

It may be a scare tactic but custom firmware would be something Sony could see. They can already see your current version and they can affect your ability to update certain titles as well as access certain Sony online services until you do update. It is quite likely they will be able to detect custom firmware.

blitz06232768d ago

I don't really care about all these hacks since I'm not touching any of those, but good to see poetic justice against these low life b*tches.

evrfighter2768d ago

in the coming days i'll be jailbreaking my ps3. This scare tactic means jack to me.

Washington-Capitals2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

this is too funny, obviously if you call sony and ask them "should i mod my console?" or "what will happen if i mod my console?" they are going to scare the crap out of you to deter you from doing it.

Regardless, calling a customer service rep asking him how sony bans you is a waste of time, they dont know and they aren't going to be able to help you.

cobpswii36002768d ago

@Best: Killzone 3
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3
Twisted Metal
The Last Guardian
Little Big Planet 2
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Socom 4
White Knight Chronicles 2
Yakuza 4
Team Ico Collection
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

U Mad?

gamingdroid2768d ago

It will be a cat and mouse game to detect custom firmware as well as stealthing custom firmwares.

Sony is most likely on the loosing end though....

somerandomdude2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

So hackers are getting close to making software mods on the PS3 that allow you to play rom files, emulation, and basic game file modifications...... The same type of game console mods that hackers have been successfully developing since the PS1 days.

So how then is Geohotz getting so much publicity for doing stuff that has already been done long before he even knew how to access a computer?

HSx92768d ago

so you're putting your evidence on a customer representative that is supposed to help you with PS3 issues or

fail0verflow2768d ago

I don't believe this lame website for a second

2767d ago
JD_Shadow2767d ago

So, you want them to break the law, too?

Good lord, the way some of you are acting about this hack, you'd think you'd want to go to Geohot's house and shoot him in the head with a .44 magnum!

zag2767d ago

Sony could alter the keys and then patch every game that's been released.

No one seems to think of that your no longer in the days where games can't be patched on a console.

inveni02767d ago

Detecting custom firmware would be as easy as running a checksum over PSN. It's not that hard. They can do the same thing with pirated games. Running a checksum against the executable files would tell whether or not it's been tampered with.

gamingdroid2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

"Detecting custom firmware would be as easy as running a checksum over PSN. It's not that hard. They can do the same thing with pirated games. Running a checksum against the executable files would tell whether or not it's been tampered with."

Not if you can't rely on the checksum program to have been tampered with? In your example, there is no reason why I can't replace the checksum itself with one that matches my custom firmware and respond that it worked!

Basically, what was used to authenticate code is no longer secure. Anyone can authenticate their code and anyone can modify the official firmware to fit their needs and the PS3 will happily say YES MASTER and execute the code.

Security through private/public keys are only secure as long as the private key is secure. The cat is out of the bag and there really is no way back.

pixelsword2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Any hack can be detected if it can be scanned.

I don't know the technical terms, but when a game runs, if a program (server side, I assume) knows what is supposed to be running and then something executes that is not supposed to be running, the hack can be detected and the person can be dealt with.

That's the basis of punkbuster on PC if I'm not mistaken.

ChrisW2767d ago

The thing that surprises me is that Sony was actually caught off guard by all of this. The ban-hammer should've been ready and waiting for such a situation, not weeks later.

WhittO2767d ago

FW 3.60 seems like it will have more in it than a jailbreak fix.

darthv722767d ago

take the road MS travels. Ban consoles and it will boost sales. It works for the 360....why not the ps3? It could use the sales help. lol. /s

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-Alpha2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

This is your site, Nitro?

Also, good thing I didn't go for the hack!

I was considering it down the line if I could play my PS2 games, as right now I am playing Okami on PS2 (would be much more convenient to put away my PS2).

I'm against piracy and screwing around with trophies and all that, but got to say that I liked the idea of homebrew and PS2 compatibility/custom apps for personal use (universal in-game music for example)


I'm not condoning piracy or supporting GeoHotz's actions. If hacks turn out to be convenient/useful without promoting piracy or screwing around with something like trophies, then why not hack your PS3? It's not illegal. People have the right to do that with the products they own. I think Sony understands this too. It's piracy that's the issue.

If there was no piracy associated with hacking then people would be OK with it for the most part. I can understand that people hate hacking because piracy is almost always synonymous with hackers, but there are some people who enjoy having custom apps and things of that nature. So long as you aren't killing the industry and supporting developers then I don't see why hackers are "Scum of the industry"

Pirates on the other hand are cancer.

Nitrowolf22768d ago

yeah but i am still working on it, i can't seem to get some sprys to upload properly. I'm trying to upload the video on youtube, but i might have to render it in another format type

kingjoker342768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

lol for you saying that expect to get major disagrees

Alpha im all with you, I just know what N4g is and they are all anti hacking/modding even if it is for not pirating games. Thats y i said expect disagrees lol.

beavis4play2768d ago

this guy is "scum" due to his exposing the metldr key - releasing it on the internet to the world and corrupting sonys security. i find it impossible to believe that hotz didn't know the ramifications of this.

Ducky2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I might be wrong, but from what my memory tells me, the PS3 can't play PS2 games due to lack of necessary hardware (they excluded the components necessary for handling ps2 games)

However, there were some conspiracy theories too that Sony didn't want PS2 sales to drop or wanted people to buy more ps3 games so they removed the software necessary for backward compatability... and that one day they'll release a firmware that'll make every PS3 backward compatible.

My guess is that Sony isn't a big evil penny-squeezing company and it likely is a hardware issue.
Only viable option to play those ps2 games would be if a PS2 emulator was released for the PS3... though you might have to transfer the entire PS2 game onto the HardDrive. =/

As for hackers being justified, I just view hackers the same way I view Scientists. They're curious and sometimes go to obscene lengths to satisfy their curiosity. They're findings are often manipulated to serve the personal interests of others. Even scientists have ethical constraints imposed by most governments, perhaps hackers should too.

Jezuz2768d ago

It's not hacking that is really bad, what's bad is that people who cheat online and pirate games. If it isn't possible for people to cheat online, ,pirate games , steal your info and all these bad stuff then i'm pretty sure it's okay.

JD_Shadow2767d ago

I agree that hacking does not equal piracy, and I'm sure Geohot meant well (he did something similar to the iPhone, and the main effect of that was that people could and did use the jailbreak there to use their iPhone with the Verizon network at the time).

However, it's the few that will ruin it for everyone else. I continue to think that Sony doesn't want homebrew on any of their systems, either (and for the reason why there hasn't been homebrew games on the PS3 yet, keep in mind this new broke, what, a few weeks ago, so I doubt not many had the time to do anything, plus this whole court case and what Sony is actually trying to prevent on their system;kind of unfair to try that argument).

It seems like the people who are just calling for Geo's head are those that either can't see past their own closed-minded position or can't see past their consoles and their fanboyish intentions.

jerethdagryphon2767d ago

at darkpower not personally but if it happened i wouldnt shed a tear, mind you that goes for a very large number of people as for stealthing them and such since im not sure how it works i cant make much of a comment but if sonys changes to detect things are on the authintication servers side they may be able to do something

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Pixel_Enemy2768d ago

I am sorry but that is one ugly site

Hozi892768d ago


Hey Nitro, about your site. I see you could really use some help with the design and stuff. If you interested in getting some help from me, I wouldn't mind helping on my spare time.

here's my MSN:
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xyxzor2768d ago

PM me if your interested in help.

Blaze9292768d ago

Lol did I just listen to a tech support phone call? Of course they are going to "say" that. I'm with that one dude above, the proof is in the action not the words. Start banning people/consoles now and I'll believe it Sony. The ps3 jailbreak dongle Has been out for some time now and still no bans.

What are they waiting for? The number of hacked consoles to grow before acting? To me it'd make more sense to make a display out of those hackers now to intimidate and put of anyone thinking of hacking rather than letting the number grow.

Just me though. Guess we wait and see. But so far, it's been all "talk" from Sony.

SoSLy2767d ago

if you ban consoles one by one, most people will basically see this and no longer "hack" their PS3s, but when you ban them at the same time (banning millions) those people will have to buy a new PS3 and such. Well thats how Microsfot does their wave bans, and im pretty sure Sony will do the same to boost sales.

davekaos2768d ago

This is not a direct statement from sony its just another call centre operative, there is another recorded phone call from a guy in us who speaks to technical support and they advise him if you want to modify the firmware its fine because you own the console. The call rep also advises its impossible to get banned due to sony not being able to detect it because of the signed code thats on the firmware.

I think the link is on

I will wait for an official statement from sony

Vherostar2767d ago

Thing is when they ban people for piracy you always get the few pirates claiming they never did it and got banned for nothing.

the_best_player2767d ago

don't go online and you will be fine simple just like psp

Lord_Doggington2767d ago

this is what they should have done from the beginning...not waste time in this frivolous lawsuit

Dsnyder2767d ago

I said sony would ban this hack soon but of course I got hit with disagrees for being right as usual :/

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pansenbaer2768d ago

Virus scanner detected a Malicious Toolkit when I tried to download, beware...

Nitrowolf22768d ago


I will try to upload it to youtube again

pansenbaer2768d ago

Yeah I didn't even start downloading. It happened right when I click the link to mediafire.

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