Top 50 Best Selling Games Of 2010 In The UK

Heavy Rain and Gran Turismo 5 were the only PS3 exclusives to chart the top 50 in the UK last year.

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ChristianGamer2886d ago

A bit of a platform breakdown
34 out of 50 were on 360
30 out of 50 were on PS3
24 out of 50 were on PC
23 out of 50 were on Wii
15 out of 50 were on DS
10 out of 50 were on Psp

The Meerkat2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Where is God of War 3?

ginganinja2886d ago

none of the series did amazingly well over here, i think it's more of an American franchise.

guigsy2886d ago

It's not a very popular franchise in the UK. Plus it had no marketing.

Zir02886d ago

Just 2 PS3 exclusives, just goes to show the 360 is the console of choice in the UK.

garos822886d ago

it is the console of choice in the uk but its a damn shame that those people cant or wont experience a plethora of differnt and great title have had to offer during the year.

ive had a wonderful year of gaming not including multiplats ive enjoyed the hell out of games such as demon souls, heavy rain, god of war, uncharted 2 (bought it early jan) and others. havent had time to pick up gt5 yet and may take some time longer too due to impending mega releases..

ginganinja2886d ago

and a massive 4 360 exclusives (1 of which was bundled with kinect)... hardly a landslide.

guigsy2886d ago

Actually the Wii is the console of choice over here. The 360 is 2nd.

Acquiescence2885d ago

That's actually really good! Pretty chuffed about that.