400,000 Nintendo 3DS Will Be Available at Launch

Nintendo 3DS in Japan is just around the corner and with Nintendo’s target of shipping four million of 3DS units this fiscal year , only a several hundred thousands of units will be available on launch day.

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admiralvic2891d ago

Thats just simply too many...

AndrewRyan2891d ago

I saw the title and saw the 400,000 and said "Wow... So much for picking myself up a 3DS in the first couple months..."

I then proceeded to the article and saw 4,000,000 and said "Oh lucky me, my changed of getting a 3DS on launch just went up from 1% to 10%."

Perjoss2891d ago

one of those 3ds belongs to me, i just need to pay for it and pick it up.

Otheros002891d ago

That's too little considering the hype. It would be sold out every week like the wii .

RememberThe3572891d ago

Thats just the way they like it. Create even greater demand by producing less product. It's a great strategy that Nintendo seems to have perfected. Props to them for being such good salesmen.

gta28002891d ago

That strategy sucks cause then a lot of people capitalize on that and end up buying like 20 of them somehow, only to put them on ebay for like 1,000+ dollars.

mikeslemonade2891d ago

You were actually able to get a Wii during launch easily but the months after launch it was hard to get once people knew how high in demand the Wiis were.

MightyMark4272891d ago

I'm pre-oredering the 3DS in North America once it's available. I'm sure its going to be rare again

jbl3162891d ago

I guess we will have to wait and see if that number is too high or too low for the demand.

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The story is too old to be commented.