Metroid Coming To Nintendo 3DS?

Jonathan Ross is a UK celebrity that will be hosting Nintendo’s 3DS reveal on January 19th, 2011 in Amsterdam. That being said Ross clearly has some inside information about what will be happening at this highly anticipated event. Today many were Tweeting Ross about the upcoming reveal. One fan, going by the name darrenkerwin, said the following to Ross regarding his knowledge on the event:

“@Wossy It’s absolutely fine, I don’t expect you to spill anything, it’s nice to have a surprise. I have my fingers crossed for Metroid..“

Ross’s reply was more than interesting:

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Quagmire2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

If its Metroid Prime Hunters 2, then 3DS is a day 1.

Sylux FTS!

jaredhart2893d ago

Hopefully it's good this time. No more Team Ninja.

PSNblumatt2893d ago

Cool. Can't wait to see what the 3DS looks like in person. I'm also very interested to see what the PSP2 looks like in person. Should be a good year for handhelds.

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Batmau52893d ago

I have no doubts about it coming to 3DS. Just a question of when.

Hitman07692893d ago

That's pretty awesome nice nice

Jio2893d ago

If it comes to the 3DS, I will never want to put it down

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The story is too old to be commented.