[Update] More DC Universe Online Downtime Incoming; PS3 Faces Login Issues

As the demand for DC Universe Online is increasing every single day, players who are enjoying themselves playing will have to suffer a few hours of unexpected downtime.

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admiralvic2651d ago

I am glad to see more diversity coming to consoles, and being successful.

Focker4202651d ago

Yep it went down for a few hours today. Which was fine with me cause I was able to get a few races in on GT5.

MightyMark4272651d ago

damn, now i can't log in on the PS3 :(

Masterchef20072651d ago

Every MMO has problems when they first come out. I was watching Fiox play DCU on justin when the connection crapped out. Plus i noticed there were problems with the sound in both versions.

ECM0NEY2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I hope I can play when I get off work in 5 hours.

On The Killing Joke. Name is Jenks on hero. PSN Toweleeeie420

MGRogue20172650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Get back to work! >:D

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