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Killzone 3 Gun peripherals galore, which will you choose?

Killzone 3 changes the industry. Here's a look at a few high profile gun peripherals for the Sony Playstation Move. The official Sony Sharpshooter and the CTA Assault rifle. Play an FPS like never before. (Killzone 3, Playstation Move, PS3)

iamnsuperman  +   1592d ago
If I had to choose it would be the official one just looks more comfortable. But i am not getting any of them.
TheLastGuardian  +   1591d ago
I'd get the sharpshooter if I had the extra money to blow. It's made just for Killzone 3.
FrankMcSpank  +   1591d ago
It actually seems more suited to SOCOM 4. I would buy this if I had a 3D TV. Once I get one this year, I'll pick up this up too.
Fatal Blow  +   1591d ago
Am getting the official sony playStation move sharpshooter
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palaeomerus  +   1591d ago
Gonna use a DS3.
sickbird  +   1591d ago
i plan on using the DS3 for the most part too. Ill probly play single player with move and multiplayer with the DS3.
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jocomat9  +   1591d ago
i like it all but we should be able to choose not to have the gun on screen visible. Cause it ruins the allusion of you holding the gun.
nix  +   1591d ago
any day i would have used DS3.. but lately (after more than a year or two of KZ2's launch), i've been playing KZ2's campaign again.

and the worst part is i've forgotten how to play it. i normally used to 'Invert' Y axis but i find it odd when i do that. i find it odd when i don't do that either. so i'm just gonna use Move with it which i already have.

i might pick up Sony's machine gun though.
Si-Fly  +   1591d ago
Oh my god, are people seriously going to sit in their living rooms waggling a plastic gun around? Lmao! Think I'll stick to a DS3 thanks.
MarcusFenixITA  +   1591d ago
What's your problem with this? Don't forget that you're visiting a Gaming Site buddy.
Si-Fly  +   1591d ago
I forget people of all ages visit this site, I guess this is one for the kids.
specialguest  +   1591d ago
Give your daddy or grandfather a chance to play to a FPS for the first time with the option to use something that resembles a rifle versus a controlpad, and he'll most likely choose the rifle.

Now who looks like the the silly dorky kid now? lol
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MarcusFenixITA  +   1591d ago
It has nothing to do with ages. I'm 23 years old and I'm considering to play with a rifle. I don't get your problem. Everyone should play the way he wants to play.
Holeran  +   1591d ago
I'm 40 years old and already preordered my sharpshooter. It's a game it's all about make believe and fun, so get over it.
Karum  +   1591d ago
There were plenty of people that did it in the arcade with games like Time Crisis, including me.

I'd have no problem doing it in my own home, I'm just not sure that I'll actually pick up one of the peripherals.
S1nnerman  +   1591d ago
I like them ...

Si-Fly - I don't think it's for kids. I'd be happy to use any one of those peripherals. Maybe not for extended periods of time but I'd definately give them a go.
SuperDopetastic  +   1591d ago
My daulshock controller! lol.I haven't got the move,and with the helghast edition at 130 doubt i'll be getting move with the sharpshooter.Maybe i'll get it sometime later this year just for fun.But as of right now all I'll be using is the daulshock controller
trippyaaron  +   1591d ago
the offbrand assault rifle actually looks useful.
goukijones  +   1591d ago
Thank you for the comments.

I prefer the CTA version as well that has the move navigation built in. I don't care if the thunb stick is right next to the trigger. That's how I play now.
Rhezin  +   1591d ago
None of them, DS3!
Joni-Ice  +   1585d ago
Im buying both. I want to test them out and return the one I dont want. Infact I hope iwaggle does a analysis on them, maybe he could help me decide. iwaggle if you are listening do the analysis.

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