Target Website Error Lists Sharpshooter as PS3 Console for $40 – Gets Overloaded With Orders

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "Ever wanted to buy a Playstation 3 yet you don’t have the asking price? Well Amazon seems to have slipped up and due to their error you can now purchase your very own brand new PS3 for a mindblowing $40."

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CrzyFooL2769d ago

Somebody is going to lose their job over this!

OGharryjoysticks2769d ago

This deal will not be honored

MAJ0R2768d ago

so ppl ordering this are really getting shipped a sharpshooter instead of a PS3?

OGharryjoysticks2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Well actually...
After posting I went and checked this out. And sure enough Amazon had a PS3 listed for 39.99 right there at #1 on the bestseller list

It was the old fat model (didn't even say what HDD size) and was being sold through but was listed as Sold Out.

Got me thinking... if Target did have some old models in some dark unused corner of a warehouse that were misplaced by mistake and just found them they probably did sell them at that price on purpose if you think about it. They haven't sold fat models in God knows when

ReBurn2768d ago

Normally they just cancel the orders and send out an I'm sorry for your inconvenience email.

Focker4202768d ago

Just goes to show what a drop to $200 will do. Obviously it won't campare to this frenzy, but it'll be similar.

morganfell2768d ago

The deal will be honored...but not for a PS3. Look at the description below the main picture. It is clearly the Sharpshooter. That's what these people are going to get. Then they will have to deal with the return. As angry as they want to get there will be nothing they can do other than return the Sharpshooter and scream at a manager.

HolyOrangeCows2768d ago

LOL, someone made an oopsies.

fatstarr2768d ago

amazon lists ps3 in description for 40
unless they want a law suit lol i think it will be.

thesummerofgeorge2768d ago

They don't have to honor that, nor will they.

TheLastGuardian2768d ago

If people are lucky, Target will have no choice but to send them a PS3 for $40 like they promised.

TheIneffableBob2768d ago

One guy apparently already got 2 PS3s at this price by getting overnight shipping.

pixelsword2768d ago

It's funny how they can price something for $40 and don't have to honor it, but if after I got something from them and didn't pay the full price I would be in trouble. =/

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blumatt2768d ago

The deal should be honored, if though it was a mistake. Otherwise, it's false advertising. Damn, if PS3's were selling at $40 all the time, I'm pretty sure Sony'd sell like 20 million a year. haha Anyway, back to reality, I do hope Sony reveals a price drop sometime this year, even if it's just a $50 drop, but a $100 drop would be even better.

Matronedea2768d ago

It should be, but at the same time, can they?

gorebago2768d ago

it won't be. during black friday target listed the entire lord of the rings blu rays as ten dollars for all three. it was supposed to be for each. many people purchased them and target said they weren't going to honor them like the jackasses they are.

datavision on their website accidentally listed the rock band 3 game and keyboard bundle for $70. It was supposed to be just the game. I bought it and they having realized their mistake still honored the deal.

but i don't expect target to follow through on this.

feelintheflow2768d ago

If you read the fine print on most websites it says they will not honor any typo's or mistakes on the web site.

mindedone2768d ago


This is not considered false advertising, at least in the United States, and mistakes are protected from Bait and Switch laws.

Matronedea2768d ago

If you read the terms of service for Amazon, it says they won't honor mispriced orders.

Soldierone2768d ago

Target may not be nice, but Amazon is. If its messed up then Amazon will give you something for the mis typed message and give Target a nice little fee for bad business on their site. Hopefully they will just remove them as a retailer.

mastiffchild2768d ago

Thing is, in the UK, if you walk into a store to find something with THAT price on it you're pretty much getting it for that price if you stick to your guns mistake or no mistake. IDK about online retailers but did think they were trying to bring them into line with retail. Target being a US entity, though, I really have no clue if they'll do the honest thing and pay up with PS3!

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chainer30002768d ago

Ordered one from Amazon and one from Target.

Will be interesting to see if I get what I paid for. One recept reads PS3 and the other reads "Grip" for some shit... 15$ shipping makes no sense though.

Amazon's site seems to be acting like this is legit, however, as it has not changed, the trade in-value is 22 dollars, and the list price clearly states the discount.

Would be cool to grab one of these bad boys

Galaxia2768d ago

Lookey here at my psot, I have confirmation.

egidem2768d ago

this is another Amazon FAIL this week.

morkendo232768d ago

was that really a SLIP-UP?? or intentional 40gb ps3 40.00

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Drjft2769d ago

Me rikey cheap Playstation 3's.

Kreyg2768d ago

Read the reddit thread about this. It's NOT for a PS3, it was a listing error.

CrzyFooL2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yah the description and weight clearly indicate it's the sharpshooter - I order one and my receipt says PS3 console!! WOOOOO /crosses fingers

Matronedea2768d ago

On the receipt, it's listed as a PS3 console, and $15 shipping...

Kreyg2768d ago

This was impossible from the get-go. While everyone might have been crapping their pants over a $40 PlayStation 3. Let's look at this from a somewhat logical standpoint. The 60GB--which was advertised--has been discontinued for quite sometime. Therefore it's close to impossible from them to get these in-stock even if they wanted to.

Also, an error like this is rare, but it's known to happen in the world of retail. If you read this you'll see that Target covers their tracks in the event something like this happens.

Sorry to everyone who thought they were getting a $40 PlayStation 3, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

negroguy2768d ago

Ill take 5 and resell them on ebay for $200 each = profit.

Agent_00_Revan2768d ago

$200? you know 60gb's go for around $500 new? i think even more.

Pillage052768d ago

yeah, an unused 60gb could be worth more than they were at launch time... just looked one up on ebay that is over $650 with 24hours left.

Matronedea2768d ago

Are they honoring it or not?

Kreyg2768d ago

Just read this ( they don't have to honor it at all. They've got a situation like this covered. More than likely everyone will just get an email saying their orders have been canceled.

MarioWarfare2768d ago

Damn, lots of people are gonna be pissed if they find out they have paid for something they didn't want