DCUO Sells Out, SOE Sending More Units to Retail

Even though the game has been out for less than a week, DCUO is selling better than hot cakes, with publisher SOE apologising for the limited stock and promising to send more to retail as soon as possible.

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Chris3992766d ago

The game is awesome, it deserves this success. Even if you hate the PS3 (this IS N4G after all, and people have opinions :) ), grab it on PC. It's totally worth it. A real break from the point and click fantasy trend of the last 10 years.

Did I mention you can fly, and toss busses and use SUPER-POWERS?!!!

Nuff said.

doctorstrange2766d ago

Its a brilliant game, congrats to SOE for such a great MMO. They took a risk with this, and it looks like it paid off.

ExplosionSauce2766d ago

I hear a Batman and GreenArrow type combination superhero is kinda cool.

CrzyFooL2766d ago

I dunno - I could go for some hotcakes right about now . . .

Corepred42766d ago

I'm not going to lie I really didn't think this game was going to do any good. Nice to see that its an enjoyable game.

HolyOrangeCows2766d ago

An MMO with a decent combat system. Mind blown.

ThanatosDMC2766d ago

There's only one copy i saw at Fry's last night and it was the one with Batman's statue every other copy of the game was gone. I'm still not sure if i'm gonna get it since i'll have to get two copies and that's $30 every month which is gonna eat away from my new games budget.

LoVeRSaMa2766d ago

I Bought 2 copies, one for myself and another for my Brother, should be getting it today, but went round my friends to see him create his character, looks totally awesome, still stuck on what type of power I want!

DORMIN2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

@LoVeRSaMa: Go with shapeshifting powers if you want a laugh!

In the beta, I would troll other users by walking to their face and turning into a Gorilla or a Pterodactyl. lol

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Focker4202766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Bought it day 1 and I've been having a blast. I cant believe how much stuff there is to do, and I haven't even made a villain yet.

Oh and the servers are packed, there are people everywhere I go.

WildArmed2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

haha, I can tell.
You haven't got off DCUO since you got the damn game xD
What evere happened to meeting up online on WKC ONCE b4 WKC2 comes out

4 sure man.
My in-game handle is: Xanxus
while my PSN handle is: Skv007

hit me a msg sometime we'll play.

remanutd552766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

you guys have White Knight Chronicles ? listen im Guild Rank 5 almost 6 if you guys want friends to play online add me , i've had the game since launch date here in the states but i just beat the story and did a couple of quests online but then i started playing other games , just got back at it with another friend and its a blast to play it online

remanutd552766d ago

your psn list is full , dont let me add you lol

WildArmed2765d ago

Ah, I'll do some spring cleaning later 2day m8

Sarcasm2766d ago

In this day and age of terrible MMOs, it's refreshing to have a good one for once. I'm not an MMO person at all, but I'm really contemplating on getting this game for the PC. I just don't know if I'm willing to keep paying monthly though.

WildArmed2766d ago

You can always bust your balls and pay 4 a lifetime membership >.< (~200$ i think).
Atleast you won't ever have to wry about paying monthly fees......
even though you could have bought urself 4-10 games in the same price >.<

I'm really tempted to get into DCUO.
But the P2P thing makes me go into a craze.. 'I payed 4 it, so I must get my money's worth'
that never goes too well w/ college and other shit I has going on.

Am busy.

Trebius2766d ago

This game is SUPER addictive!!!! No pun intended!!

I made a villain and having a BLAST!

PM me for my PSN ID, we'll fuckin FIGHT or FIGHT together!!!

gaden_malak2766d ago

Are there any reviews out for this game? I haven't taken much notice of it (not big on MMOs) but I do like the DC universe.

ngecenk2766d ago

cool games, hope more buying it.

Kingscorpion19812766d ago

Hopefully Hackers don't mess up the online!

Chris3992766d ago

That's like hacker kryptonite.

xTruthx2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

One of the servers Im on just went back up and u know... people don't constantly stay looking at the screen waiting for the server to get back on.. but when i tried logging in just when it came back I was number 1200 in line :/. SO just imagine how many people play the game, there's like 7 servers xD.

Tried again, am 1700 in line lol

SpitFireAce852766d ago

Glad to hear that the game is doing so great...
I still have to get

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NYC_Gamer2766d ago

i'm happy that gamers are enjoying this title

yewles12766d ago

I truly did not expect this. Interesting...

doctorstrange2766d ago

Were on the fence with this one. With MMOs in general it's so hard to predict how they'll do.
This really has picked off, and has done really well.

Gohadouken2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

It wasnt that hard to predict a success . CoH was after all a success ... and many people were starving for a mmo of the same quality in the same genre . Wich they didnt get with Champions Online

Plus DC got a huge following as a licence . Why do people keep forgetting that the license still helped sell mediocre batman and superman games , helped sell the excellent arkham Asylum , and turned a subpar mortal kombat vs DC into a million selling title ?

Baka-akaB2766d ago

Yeah it was certain that at least the people who enjoyed CoH/CoV + regular dc comics fans would at least check out the game

OllieBoy2766d ago

SOE took their time and made an excellent game. Sales are well deserved.

Probably could've been an Epic Mickey-type of success if it came out a month ago.

Taggart4512766d ago

That's really awesome news. I'm not much of an MMO guy myself so I probably won't get it, but it's wonderful to hear such positive news. Good job SOE.

Maybe this will be the next generation of MMO? Something that that can stand up to WoW because it truly changes up the genre in the gameplay.

Spydiggity2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

you know that's never going to happen. nothing is going to overtake WoW til Blizzard releases a new mmo (and even then, i'd be surprised).