8 things I hate about Online Gamers


"Over the last few years I have played a fairly substantial amount of Call of Duty online; mainly in the Modern Warfare series but also, more recently, Call of Duty: Black Ops. I have come to find that not only do I love the series but I also hate it…

Instead of leaving the game I simultaneously love and hate so much I decided the best way to vent would be to put my thoughts down on paper (so to speak) and give everyone a list of the top 8 biggest irritations for both Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops (Online of course). Some of my points apply to both games and other apply to just one of them."

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BadCircuit2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I agree with everything the author said. These reasons are why I don't play online often in games like Call of Duty.

Focker4202768d ago

Great list and I agree with it completely,

I would add two things though.

The superiority complex- Players that feel the need to talk trash and put down everyone they come across. If you want to be clever or funny thats fine. But when you act like a total asshole it just ruins the experience for alot of people.

The annoying microphone- Players that sit there blaring music into their microphones and/or making random noises (whistling, blowing, screaming, etc). It annoys the hell out of everyone and no one wants to hear it. And on games where there isn't a mute function it becomes intolerable.

gaminoz2768d ago

Good additions! Agree!

mikeslemonade2768d ago

There should be harsher penalties for people who quit or people that just don't play by the rules. If you quit more than three times in a row you should be suspeneded for a hour.

Shadow Flare2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yeah I agree with the list but can someone explain something to me, because I truly don't understand it....

....why do people care so much about their KDR? Really who gives a damn? I've never played call of duty but I played warhawk extensively and I've seen people do the same thing and not go after flags because they want to protect their KDR. I just do not understand why its so important. Is it bragging rights?? Bragging to who? Random Internet guy #27? who cares? Play the damn game!

In warhawk, all I played was capture the flag. And my KDR was atrocious because I was always going after the flag. My KDR was something like 0.97 but my Win/Lose ratio was about 2.10 because I actually contributed to winning. My flag scores were also good as I captured over 1000 flags and have around 300 CTF Offensive ribbons where I've caught more then 2 flags in a game. THATS what I'm proud of. Helping my team to win the game. Not protecting my stinking KDR which nobody gives a crap about, least of all me

guigsy2768d ago

"I've never played call of duty"

None of them?

Shadow Flare2768d ago

Nope, I'm not really a big fps fan

Etseix2768d ago

i played 3rd but mostly online it was my 2nd game when i bought my ps3 and i liked it, btu after that i've never touched 4-5-6-7 im more on medal of honor 's 2nd world war theme warzone :D

BryanBegins2768d ago

I stopped playing Uncharted 2 online because of quitters during my favorite mode (plunder). When it's only 5v5, if your team has one less player, it is really hard to score. That's too bad, I wish the penalty for quitting was way more.

gaminoz2768d ago

I think some people might have legitimate reasons for quitting (toilet...wife walked in and is interrupting) but agree it is annoying.

I'd rather have less team based stuff and more focus on modes where you are on your own. At least with Timesplitters you could add a bot to fight by your side.

BryanBegins2768d ago

No I love team-bases stuff, this is the reason why I play online most of the time. And yes you can quit, but it's rare. Anyway, people who quit are always on the losing team... lol

Commander_TK2768d ago

Some people have lives and play video games 24/7. Idk why u can't join a game that has already started. I guess Naughty Dog isn't very experienced with competetive multiplayer games.

mastiffchild2765d ago

People quitting out has come up more and more, imho, recently because Blops has had Treyarch trying way too hard to nerf any host advantage. Because of this (and you can tell it's this because of the number of host migrations compared to people just leaving), and the fact that on PS3 at least host migration works one time in twenty it's become a proper pain.

The missus plays more Blops than I ever have and she's always saying how, more than any other game online, she can tell when she's hosting as she feels a sluggish character and enforced lag and taking way too many shots to down anyone-and most people I've talked to tend to agree that being the host is a pain in the arse too. Now, she won;t quit out cos of it but I can see other people doing so ALL the time when she's playing and as it usually means a total end to that game it's something they should look at.

Nobody wants Gears2 level host advantage but hosting AND getting shafted into the bargain is going to get people quitting and as it's easy to tell when it's happening to you it's bound to end in quits. Treyarch TRIED to do the right thing but didn't balance it very well and as a result we've, imo, ended up too far the other way. I'm sure they could patch a decent fix for it and they could fix the bloody host migration working so poorly as well.

Seriously, I feel it's the biggest factor contributing to quitting in COD today.

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IcemanHH212767d ago

I play call of duty for fun, and ide like to say, quick scoping is fun, also not THAT easy, some people are pretty bad at it.

people piss me off at search and destroy cause they kill each others and barely play bomb objective, also team deathmatch the guy dies and SPRINTS and die etc etc.

also the little kids who spend 12 hours of playing are also pathetic .. lets see what else .. lol

MW2 had alot of balance issues but a fun game.

lets hope they make a better gaming experience each time.

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gaminoz2768d ago

Well those issues are important, and especially the glitchers. I really don't see why sniper guns are still in these games, they are that annoying.

The biggest problem I have though is the team focus of so many of the multi games because then you have people who have played for days on end, or longer, get up you because you are on their team and aren't as good or don't choose to follow their dictatorial directions.

That turns me off. I prefer the AC: Brotherhood multi, playing Wanted.

MariaHelFutura2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Are you seriously questioning why sniper rifles are in war games? I think getting hit by an actually sniper would be even more annoying.

Seriously though, they need to be there. They just need to be carefull when designing them.

gaminoz2768d ago

I'm the first to admit I'm not skilled at them, but I really don't think snipers add much to a game. Yes I know they are used in 'real' war, but closer combat is more fun online...not getting picked off by someone safely sitting somewhere camping with a sniper rifle...

But that's just me...

MariaHelFutura2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Melee killing a sniper makes it all worth it to me. I love hunting snipers in FPS games.

Focker4202768d ago

Sniper rifles are fine, its the no-scoping thats the major issue.

dragon822768d ago

There is nothing better than knifing a sniper in the back while he has no clue you are behind him.

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starcb262768d ago

I liked snipers in COD 4 the best.

vickers5002768d ago

I did too, but I have to call bs to the people complaining about quickscoping in Black Ops, yet make no mention of CoD4.

CoD4 is like the 2nd easiest game to quickscope in (Black Ops being the hardest), yet no one ever complained about it in CoD4.

I think they just need to turn off aim assist completely when zoomed in with the sniper rifle, or at least turn it off for the first second or two.


lol...People who hate snipers are just the dumbest thing i have ever had.Its a war game, in war u have snipers!!!!! WTF... They r just angry that they get killed from a distance in a WTF moment. I dont know about u but i luv my snipers, and i bet if u play killzone 2 online with me u will hate me bcuz all i use is the sniper except small stages. Snipers haters just angry bcuz we snipers get the most kills and least death(if ur really good) and they are mad they cant use the sniper.

gaminoz2768d ago

You are entitled to your opinion, but are games truly trying to be like real war? That's a strange argument, as the last thing I'd want to simulate is the true experience of war....

But you are right...I hate snipers because they kill from afar rather that by tracking me down and putting me down, which I respect more.

nnotdead2768d ago

the only reasons to hate snipers is because you don't know the maps layout. once you have an understanding of all the good sniping points, you become more cautious in those areas.

same with grenades. there always seems to be a few areas where players blindly throw grenades, because they know the other team goes that way a lot of the time. its annoying when you're unaware of this, and in the replay you see a jackass throwing all his grenades in an area he can't see. again you get use to it, and learn how to be cautious in those areas.

04soldier2768d ago

You're my favorite kind of person I like to pick off. I make people who like to run out in the open to quickly get across the map pay dearly for it...

Be watching out for me in socom 4. I'll be the one sniping religiously only using my pistol for CqC...

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Proeliator2768d ago

List was spot on... precisely why I truly hate online gaming.

MidnytRain2768d ago

I, too, have been drifting away from multiplayer games. There are too many losers who do stupid, cheap things for the sake of winning. Hmm... Alot of those complaints seem CoD-specific...

Godem2768d ago

I never play online any more... i just get sick of all the complaining people do

Sarcasm2768d ago

The list was legitimate, but it seems to be focused on call of duty MW2. So it should have been "8 reasons I hate call of duty online" not "online gamers."

Ducky2768d ago

Yea, that's what it seems like.

Begs the question why they even play the game then.
If you feel that the game has issues which are broken, then play something else.

Focker4202768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I had thought of that also, but then it occurred to me that it was the online gamers that perpetuate the problems. If every one played fair these wouldn't be an issue. So in essence it is the online gamers' faults.

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