Fallout: New Vegas review - Three months later

Fallout: New Vegas is publisher Bethesda’s latest action-RPG, released in October of 2010. While the game is a technical sequel to 2008’s Fallout 3, using the same engine and basic gameplay mechanics, New Vegas is really a standalone entry in the long running “Fallout” series. All the entries in the main series are regarded as classics, but the one spinoff, Fallout Tactics, was poorly received. So how did new developers Obsidian do against this kind of pedigree

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Jim Hawking2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I do these "Three months later" reviews because...

-Sometimes reviewers don't get enough time to play a game when it first comes out.
-Patches can significantly improve a game post-release.
-I don't get review copies. (<---Honesty)

Quick note: The examiner doesn't allow half stars, but I wanted to give the game a 9, not an 8.

Dsnyder2770d ago

You are fucking awesome.

Biggest2769d ago

Are the many glitches and stability issues from Fallout 3 made non-existent in New Vegas? They were a BIG problem for me and I figured that New Vegas would either fix them, or be less of a game for having them.

norman292769d ago

Nope, mega bugs in this one too, one springs to mind, any gun with a scope when looking down it it comes up as a blank computer terminal screen so you cant see what your shooting, or the constant crashing during any major plot event, and companions dont get me started on them

Blacktric2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Excellent review. Which version of the game did you've played for the review BTW?

Derekvinyard132770d ago

good review. its to bad everyone dosent review games like this. you need time to gain a final opinion about a game.

but you should mention the bugs this game had. dont know if there fixed or not but this game was riddled with tons of them upon release. you should tell us the problems you had with the game technically. because i played a little the other day at a friends house and its a little better but not fixed all the way.

very Good review tho.

Megaton2770d ago

I'm loving this game right now on PC. It may look identical to Fallout 3, but it's so much bigger. There are at least 3x as many quests in NV and you can't do all of them in one playthrough either, like you could in F3.

TheRealist21022769d ago

The experience must be better on pc cause the ps3 version is horrible.

Megaton2769d ago

I'm assuming it is. I've had issues as well, but nothing too terrible yet. Put about 50 hours in so far. I've played all versions of F3 and the PS3 definitely got the short end of the stick. I'm sure that translated for NV as well.

bigtrucknd2769d ago

Yes this game constantly freezes on my PS3. I am very disappointed and keep hoping they will release a patch to fix it. I had high hopes but obsidian failed just like they did with alpha protocol.

ThanatosDMC2769d ago

I found the freezes on the PS3 happens more when you've play 50-60+ hrs of the game. Probably because they game keeps all your progress intact including stuff you've messed with like moveable objects, enemies, items, etc. Just check the save file's file size. It keeps getting higher then it locks up more and more. Just make sure to save often.

They should spawn some NPCs again especially the guy guarding the prison entrance. I killed him from within the fence and i cant get to his body to get the keys to open the door. I waited in the game for week but he wont spawn back anymore but the other powder gangers do.

Jim Hawking2769d ago

I played the PS3 version, I watched a friend play the X360 version and I couldn't tell the difference. My understanding is the PC version is the best.

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Led-Zeppelin2770d ago

Fallout 3's story was way better, but New Vegas has way better gameplay.

Mystickay862769d ago

I believe NV has slightly better story than Fallout 3 IMO. And a better gameplay, with nice balance of not being too overpowered. Love the companions too.

Fallout 3 wins with this - Liam Neeson > All NV Voice Actors.

ThanatosDMC2769d ago

Yeah, so much easier to kill enemies in New Vegas. My primary weapon is the sniper rifle the unique one.

Darkfiber2770d ago

I actually just started playing this game for the first time a couple days ago. I am kinda disappointed. It feels like essentially exactly the same thing. I enjoyed my time with Fallout 3, but it makes me realize how outdated that game is already. The engine as well. Everything is just so brown and dull and barren and empty, and the game is completely full of bugs. I'm still enjoying it though, somehow. It's a conundrum. I think the setting is way too overdone. Fallout 3 was enough. It seems like they are going to try and milk this franchise, which is upsetting. I will not be getting any more Fallout games unless they are drastically different.

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