Are You Really A Gamer?

Nyleveia take a deep look at what makes a "true gamer".
Offering advice and suggestions of how you can get the absolute most out of gaming and avoid internet flame wars!

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MariaHelFutura2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Annoying gaming terms.

"True Gamer"
"Microsoft/Console Exclusive"

smoothdude2886d ago

I really don't enjoy articles like this so I am not going to read it.

HarryMonogenis2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I was going to agree with you until I saw you were a Troll stating "Microsoft" was an annoying gaming term. :/

I've never used the "true gamer" term before. I play videogames, therefore I'm a gamer. End of. If people state that being a "gamer" also makes you a "true gamer", then great -- I suppose that makes me a true gamer too.

justinb12885d ago

No I think he means "microsoft exclusive" as in a game exclusive to microsoft 'owned' (I say 'owned' because they don't necessarily own the platform it's being played on if it's on PC) platforms. I.e when there's a game which isn't exclusive - like Gears, mass effect 2 etc. so instead they say "Microsoft exclusive"

Sarcasm2885d ago

Yup, a "true gamer" is someone who is playing games right now, not on the internet forums in pissing contests

VINNIEPAZ2885d ago

In my opinion a "true" gamer is somebody that enjoys what he can get as far as games/systems without bashing what he either cant afford or dislikes.

dontbhatin2885d ago

thats pretty much what the post says....

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Kon2886d ago

I play games. I'm a gamer.

Quagmire2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I know. What the hell is this TRUE gamer thing? If you like/play games, anything from Tetris to World Of Warcraft and all in-between, whether you play it on your mobile phone or a nuclear-powered rig, why differentiate?

A gamer is a person who enjoys to play games. A true gamer just sounds like a douchebag.

HarryMonogenis2885d ago

Aha! I liked that "nuclear-powered rig" term you used. I was suddenly reminded of a super-duper-powerful PC. XD

Lamarthedancer2886d ago

I hate it when you across people or even worse your friends who even though talks about games and plays then you get that impression like there just playing what ever other person is talking about, for example Halo, COD, GTA, Uncharted, Little Big planet, Fable...basicaly the big name games that come out and have loads of hype behind it but if you ask them if they have played on Portal, Singularity, Modnation racers, Bayonetta, games which are new franchises or games that havent had much hype they would etheir say "Pfft no I'm on Black ops/Reach" or no I've never heard of them in my life they sound crap" yet if a load of other people started talking about them they would buy them and pretend they've loved the game from the beginging........Yeah that's when I get the impression they arn't really games.....there just a lonely sheep who knows how to hold a controller.

Nightshadow2886d ago

LoL this is exactly what my room mate does. Follows the hype machine and considers themselves a hardcore pro gamer. It's these type of people that call you a noob when you leave a game of Call of Duty to play Super Meat Boy.

Lamarthedancer2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

People tend to think of themselfs a " hardcore pro gamer" yet if you asked them about.....oh I don't know...for example who voices Nathan Drake in Uncharted, Who Peter Molyneux/Gabe Newell/Bobby Kotick are or even is the cake a lie they wouldn't be able to answer a single one of them questions and would just say "I don't care" and continue playing COD/Halo or any other game the rest of his friends are playing.

I mean if you said to a new Final Fantasy fan who has never played a FF game before except for the recent one 13, what is the best FF game....I know it's a matter of opinion but he would etheir say "OMG FF13 IS AMAZING", even though it's his first FF game or he dosen't play on games much to begin with or he would say "pfffft FF7 is the best" because thats what most people say....yeah it's good but most people who say it's good are just following what people say on these forums, same goes for the Nathan Fillion thing for the Uncharted film...yeah he would be a good choice because lets face it he DOES look like him but would people not rather waste their energy on getting the real Nathan Drake, Nolan North, on the big screen and give him his big break. It's basicaly just following the crowd

Nightshadow2886d ago

They missed out on PC gaming... =(

shadowknight2032885d ago

nope totally not a gamer :) just here reading gaming news...

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