Michael Jackson dance moves hit Kinect in April

Ubisoft has announced an April 12 release date for a Michael Jackson videogame that challenges Xbox 360 players to dance like the King of Pop.

"Michael Jackson: The Experience" taps into camera and gesture-tracking capabilities of Kinect controllers for Xbox 360 consoles to track how well players are imitating the late music legend's moves.

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FrigidDARKNESS2886d ago

this game os going to sell sell sell like dance central.
just imagine you are doing MJ dances in full body motion. This will be more realistic to gamers than the Wii and Move which relys on a controller in hand.

NYC_Gamer2886d ago

i agree this game could take off real big on kinect

Bigpappy2886d ago

You can also sing along in this version for more points. It is unique to the Kinect in that aspect also. But coming in April will take away from the newness of the title and people will just assume it is the same game. They should have released them all in April to give the PS3 abd 360 version a better chance with the casuals who already are getting the wii version.


me likey

huge mj fan,kinect has to go down in price first for me anyway,so want this game

Pixel_Enemy2886d ago

Dance, Fitness, Dance, Fitness, Sport, Fitness. Give me a reason to buy kinect and I will but I am not seeing anything yet.

Bigpappy2886d ago

Can you explain then, why you can into this thread to say you don't see a reason to buy Kinect? The topic did,t say "Kinect for sale please buy it". It clearly states "Michael Jackson dance moves hit Kinect in April". So you are trolling my friend and off topic.

If you don't care for the idea of the game fine, buy please stop trying to start another Kinect sucks Flaiming fight.

ManGastaS2886d ago

FPS, RPG, FPS, RPG, FPS, RPG, FPS, RPG, Give me a reason to buy dual shock 3 and I will but I am not seeing anything yet.

FrigidDARKNESS2886d ago

you dont have to if it doesn't fit your needs then don't.

slutface2886d ago

there u go...the casualization of the xbox

ScentlessApprentice72886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

As long as it sells, the Xbox sycophants will put it on a pedestal and praise it.

With what is considered hot and marketable in today's pop culture, if a Justin Bieber Kinect game were to be released, he'd probably be viewed as the next biggest Xbox icon since Master Chief.

Ryudo2886d ago

"Casualization, Harcore are terms that most MS fanboys don't recognize.
As long as it sells, the Xbox sycophants will put it on a pedestal and praise it."

And the PS3 fag's will scream like 6 year olds in an article that doesn't concern them.

baodeus2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

so since you know the definition well, can you please explain the differences between hardcore games or casual games? I really want to see your input on the matter. Thanks

But seriously, dancing like Michael jackson can be pretty hard core if you ask me. He is still the king (just go to any dance club and see what happen when they turn on some michael jackson songs....people just going crazy).

Kon2886d ago

Much better than the wii version

slutface2886d ago

jus ttwo years ago xbox would have never had casual titles such as these! their focus has changed drastically! even tho sony has move it is not their priority

ChristianGamer2886d ago

This and many other similar games are on move

LoydX-mas2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

So rock band and guitar hero aren't casual titles? They sell shitloads and are multiplats.

ManGastaS2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

How will move version be compared to this!?

ThanatosDMC2886d ago

In Kinect, you have digital hands to touch the kids... with Move you poke 'em....

... errr... too soon?

baodeus2886d ago

hum....i don't know how they gonna grab the crotch with the could be pretty hard.

ThanatosDMC2886d ago

It's gonna hurt. Move users need to wear a cup.

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