The differences Of PSP2 and 3DS Similar to DS and PSP?

The latest rumor that has picked up the British magazine Edge on their website point to a good power in the future PSP2 supposedly present in a few days in Tokyo. Several sources who have worked in the development kit PSP2 speak of a similar power to the PS3, a bit clipped. It would be the most powerful handheld console be.

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deadreckoning6662890d ago

We still don't know enough about the PSP2 to make these comparisons.

GodofSackboy2890d ago

No, but we know that it will own the DS for power, basically, Nintendo is selling another console on a gimmick, this time 3D, while now the PSP2 is as powerful as a console with dual analogue sticks. It's like comparing a Wii to a PS3.

MintBerryCrunch2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

it might own it in power but it will outsell the psp yet again because of a feature that you cant compare the two has 3d...the other will have hd graphics....the ds had the stylus, the psp had better graphics and look what happened...hell the 3d is even in the name of the handheld...

the features that you cant compare the two on and how you will play your games on each will be the deciding factor for buyers, especially parents who will look at the psp2 and see hightech, yet all you have to do is put mario, zelda or donkey kong next to the 3ds and the decision will be easy

IRetrouk2889d ago

who cares what the mums buy, which one is gonna be better for you, the gamer?

fatstarr2889d ago

the 3DS will be a success because nintendo can look at an ocean and make its own path while others just follow behind.

Nintendo will win because of games that is it.
As long as you tap into the "kiddie market" you win.

gii bro2889d ago

More power didn't do either the PS3 or PSP any good when it came to sales comparisons.

2889d ago
jony_dols2889d ago

Sony doesn't have to beat 3DS in sales.
Sony has carved their own place into the handheld market.
Close to 70 million PSP units have been sold in its lifetime,
it has been a commercial success, and it has made Sony a lot of money. They can co-exist perfectly, and cater for their own portions of the market.

I'd say Sony have put in massive measures to make the PSP2 unhackable, and have promised devs that their mistakes with the original PSP will not happen again.

If its true that Sony Bend are working on Uncharted PSP, then it will be a day one purchase for me!

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Dylantalon12890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

the psp2 is as powerful as a ps3 so the 3ds is as powerful as a gamecube or a bit less. its nintendo so i dont see them making a powerful handheld. if the 3ds is as powerful as a gamecube then i know itll cost around 250 or 300. another thing about nintendo is they normally over-charge for their devices and they are often times underpowered. the new handheld era will be different because sony will have ps1,ps2, psp mini, and psp2 games for their device while doing everything else that a 3ds can do with touch screen and more.the 3ds with its 3d will add to the experience of games which the psp2doesnt have but it wont be as immersive as 3d with glasses because you dont see things popping out of the screen or float in mid air. i dont see the 3d on the 3ds being amazing due to the screen havivg a 1% angle viewing.

wwm0nkey2890d ago

Cant wait to own both of them again :D

Snake-eater2890d ago

to be fair its a bit early to make assumption, especially with no concrete info on the PSP 2-spec,game or price wise

Miiikeyyy2890d ago

Do we really need to compare them so earlyyyy?

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