PSP2 reader could incorporate a Blu-ray Mini

Without a doubt, one of the topics that has to talk in forums, sites, magazines and conversations by the coffee machine has been PSP2, the supposed successor to the current Sony PlayStation Portable.

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DoomeDx2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Adding a blu-ray player would be stupid IMO.

Handheld games dont require that much of capacity, because all the textures etc are in a low resolution, which saves up alot of disc space.

Also, if you want to watch a blu-ray movie on the PSP, You will not even notice a diffrence between Standaard DVD, and Blu-Ray. Because of a smaller screens. (Like watching a Blu-ray on a small SD TV)

IMO, this article is a fake

mrv3212892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

It did say blu-ray mini which could simply mean a HC disk.

There's plenty of mini DV- recorder, easy piracy, not one Blu-ray mini.

DoomeDx2892d ago

Why not just use a mini DVD then?

unless PSP2 makes use of HUGE games, i dont get the point of a mini-bluray

TheLastGuardian2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Awesome, I hope this is true. This is exactly what I wanted for PSP2 games and media. If it's going to rival current gen consoles in power, the games should be on blu ray minis. I can't wait for the PSP2.

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ExplosionSauce2892d ago

I hope it's not any slower than the UMD and that it sucks my battery life.

Natsu892891d ago

I think the psp2 needs more space than the 3DS, therefore a minibluray or a high capacity flashdrive are a must!

blumatt2891d ago

I hope it uses an SD card, maybe a 8GB or so should be sufficient, but different sizes could be used if the games require it. For example if PD puts a GT game on there, they might need a 16GB SD card. Different games could come on different sizes, thus saving money, and hopefully keeping the games' prices lower. And SD cards would use less power and would have faster load times.

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lil Titan2892d ago

it would be better if they have sd cards or something like that. 1.8gb for umd disc vs sd cards that go up to 16gb or even 32gb if they release that

lil Titan2891d ago

@wicko id pay a few extra buck to play a game thats in my palms that rivals my console at home! by the way sd cant be that expencive if there giving away 4gb sd for free. and what if Sony went with dvd instead of blu-ray? doesnt matter about cost think quality! things of quality have no fear of time

wicko2891d ago

The idea is that it is cheaper for larger capacities, which is why everyone ditched cartridges back in the day (except for the DS, which IMO was a dumb idea). I'm not talking about price for us, but for Sony.

wicko2892d ago

PSP games are already hitting the limit on dual layer UMDs (1.8gb) so I wouldn't be surprised to hear that psp2 games need more. And if its true that PSP2 has 1GB of RAM.. well it would be stupid to have that much RAM if you weren't going to use it. I don't think they're going for playing blurays on your PSP2, considering how much of a failure UMD movies were.

solidt122891d ago

Please no more spinning disk. SD memory is what you should use.

Sano642891d ago

This is starting to sound expensive. If all this talk about it being almost as strong as a PS3 and having a mini Blu-ray is true this thing would cost at least $400 US

Edito2891d ago

Yes games doesn't need but imagine a hybrid Blu-Ray gamne disc???

Spider Man The Game and Movie in HD??? Tron Game and Movie??? and stuff like that... Imagine in a camp connecting the PSP2 to a projector in HD in the middle of nowere??? ain't that stupid at all and that's why i will always LOVE SONY.

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kharma452892d ago

As do I. I hope Sony take the smart option and use SD cards.

Cheap, spacious and no moving parts.

dgroundwater2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Agreed. With a portable, it has to be practicality over performance to some extent. Though Sony will surely try and be the technically superior alternative to DS, they must avoid shooting themselves in the foot with things like UMD, digital games only like PSPgo, and a "blu-ray mini" drives or whatever.

Active Reload2892d ago

If Sony would've put all the PSP games into downloadable format for the PSP GO, it would've been able to compete with the iPhone and all the other smartphones out there. I think they missed or they're missing a great oppurtunity. Most people say gaming on smart phones like the iPhone sucks, but I enjoy it very much. The main reason? Not having to carry around cartridges and discs!

StbI9902892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

if sony doesn't go with SD card and commit the outrageous error of going with lector on the go killing the battery and the lifespan of the system twice the time of what a SD card could (cus let be honest, the DS is unbreakable) then, i will fcking hack it, the fact of a hacked psp not needing that stupid mini disc overheating the damn system around half the hour you started playing was what made me have a hacked psp, thank you.

Or simply 3DS for me. always, being last on getting the point, would you rather get a high end handheld system that doesnt last you nor even 2 years needing to change it further, or one that doesn't? cus really, i still have my DS, and im through my third psp being the last a hacked one, so no more, failing lectos.

I mean, what is next, the yellow light of the dead on the go? LOL

TheLastGuardian2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

So, SD cards for PSP2 or you'll buy the 3DS instead? You don't deserve to have that SCE logo as your avatar.

ForzaGT2892d ago

it would just inflate the price, but this looks a distinct possibility as sony as use the PSP 2 to promote their blu ray brand on a smaller format

iceman062892d ago

We all know that the Trojan Horse mentality go hand in hand with Sony. For better or for worse, that is what they do. I just hope that they can keep it relatively inexpensive (around $300) and maintain a decent battery life.

maniac762892d ago

come on,sony need to go the card way,not this disc based stuff,its way old now

Andy_Elvis2892d ago



The 3DS game cards have 8GB for crying out loud.

StbI9902892d ago

If they need space, then settle it with a 30GB card...sheez

ColdAssassin2892d ago

The 3ds has 8 GigaBIT cards which would mean that they can hold up to 1 gigaBYTE. Two completely different things.

gii bro2892d ago

Actually its 8GB(Gigabyte) not Gb(Gigabit) capacity cards that the 3ds will use.

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