Predictions: What will Square Enix show off on the 18th? [MEGamers]

MEGamers: "
Back in TGS 2010 Square Enix showed off glimpses, literally, of Final Fantasy versus 13 and Agito 13. I was extremely disappointed by how short the teaser was especially since both games have been in development for about 4 years now. However despite the short footage my mind was blown by how good those two titles looked in both graphics and gameplay. At the end of the footage Square Enix promised that on the 11th of January they will hold a conference talking strictly about the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy 13 series. The date was later pushed back to the 18th of January and the title changed to 1st Production Department Premier conference.

If you didn’t know, the 1st production department is in charge of both the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchises. This change in the conference’s title means that more Final Fantasy titles maybe revealed in addition to a new Kingdom Hearts game. The conference is in two days and my excitement is through the roof. Because I am literally going nuts, I wanted to share my thoughts and predictions as to what Square Enix has up its sleeves..."

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R_aVe_N2562d ago

If they don't release FFvsXIII this year SE will be a complete fail imo. So I expect to see VS footage soon. Sadly we will mostly likely see FFXIII 2 footage before then lol.

Kamikaze1352562d ago

I doubt it'll be released this year. XIV was delayed and will probably get a Summer or Fall release date. I don't think they'd want to release them so close together, even though the target audiences are totally different. However, with as many issues that XIV has, they'll probably delay XIV till 2013.....

WildArmed2561d ago

Either way,
FF13VS really needs a solid release date.
The amount of dev time is ridiculous.

They shouldn't announce games if they don't plan on delivering it in the next 2 years.

It's stupid to announce a game then disappear off the face of the Earth for 3 years only to say..
it's still in dev... wait for a few more years

iamtehpwn2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

I'm hoping for some unannounced games...namely Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts PS2 HD Collection for PS3.

waltyftm2562d ago

That would be great stuff, Fingers crossed.

SuperLupe2562d ago

If they dont show Versus I was seriously have doubts on the existence of the game or expect a announcement to say it has been canned.

I'm only 21 years old but I have never seen this kind of situation where after FIVE years they have showed almost NOTHING. Even Alan Wake showed more in five years than Versus.

WildArmed2561d ago

Duke Nukem Forever *high fives*

This game has become just as bad.
I do hope we get an estimated release date.. you know, sometime before the 22nd century...

Coogi2561d ago

Seems SE just takes there time on things because they are working on so many other games now days which most likely is was making this Gen of Xbox and PS failing on ALL SE games they have made...Even though I loved Infinite Undiscovery but it didn't even seem like a SE game.

Maybe people should start blaming SE instead of the Xbox 360 because if just look at the facts and the obvious it's all there but fanboys just want something else to blame.

tigertron2562d ago

Agreed, they definatly shouldn't show trailers for games that won't be out for years. I mean, the first Versus trailer was shown in 2006, I was 16. I'm 21 now and we still have no release date. *Sighs*


Because is that so, then here in America, tomorrow is the event and there are sources saying there is going to be Live stream for the event.

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RedDead2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Release date for Agito I bet, dunno about Versus, Really hope it blows my mind, my most anticipated game ever/even though it is coming from S-E

Edit---Oh Nomura said he is showing alot of footage of Versus at this btw....

Kamikaze1352562d ago

Agito was announced to come out after Versus XIII

j-blaze2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

for VersusXIII yes, they will show new footage, and Noctis will at last speak !

VersusXIII is easily my most highly anticipated title from SE... loved FFXIII, but this will demolish it in every way. hope they announce the release date for both Versus and Agito already...

Kamikaze1352562d ago

Bill Gates is going go walk out on stage while this song plays at the end of the trailer:

Rage_S902562d ago

looooooooooooooooooool that was a good 1

Prcko2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

can't w8 to see new stuff from exclusive ps3 game ff versus!!!
ps3 ftw!!!

NYC_Gamer2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

if the game turns out to be multiplat would that change your feelings toward the title?

good because some people are only fans of games when assume there exclusives

Coogi2561d ago

Woah, NYC_Gamer using Logic?! LoLWhat?!

I thought you was a major fanboy with some of the posts I seen you make...Are you...Trolling?!

KillingAllFanboys2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Idc if it is exclusive or not. I rather have it multiplatform so everyone can enjoy this awesome game!!! I am not greed I can share a game XD


If FF Verus turns multiplatform and is not downgraded with things they had to remove because of that, then there is no problem.

Ps_alm3k2561d ago

exactly, but it is not how business work.
I don't mind muliti-platform, if they don't gimp ps3 version just to fit the 360 needs.
Make the ps3 version utilize all of the ps3 spec and then port onto 11 dvd for all i care.

blumatt2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Exactly, man. If Versus 13 goes multiplat, and if the 360 version is any less than 5 dvd's, then we know that all of the bluray wasn't fully utilized, and I'll be one pissed off mofo. lol I hope we have towns, shops, a world map, airships, side quests, maybe bring back Triple Triad from FF8, etc. Oh, and bring back the ability to explore no matter what part of the game you're at, instead of like in FF13 where you could only explore in the last section of the game. That sucked. If it doesn't have most of those things, I'll not be buying the game.


Nomoura stated that he is working just on ps3 without restricting the game but whatever the money men decide when he is finished is up to them so a port could be possible he claims multiplat to be when both are made at the same time with same content and a port is done after, from the interview basically said will go 360 but nothing to do with him and ps3 version wont be affected

rrw2562d ago

final fantasy 7 remake, anyone?

PirateThom2562d ago

I've given up hope on a console remake and think we'll have to settle for 3DS or PSP2.

Eamon2562d ago

I believe Square hinted at a FFVI 3DS remake.

I'd rather have FFVII remake on PS3.

Lamarthedancer2562d ago

Yes.....and a FF8 remake.....and a FF9 remake

If you one of the great Final Fantasys getting a remake then the others should get one as well

Obviously do one at a time....don't want them doing a ton of projects at once

Capt-FuzzyPants2562d ago

too late. theyve already got like 7 triple A titles in production.

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