First Big Gran Turismo 5 Price Drop – Now $44.00

Conflicting Gamers, "It’s no surprise that I love Gran Turismo. Our readers can benefit from my obsession as I’m always scouting the latest deals on this storied franchise!"

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Prcko2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

best car game ever created,buy this masterpiece!!!

smoothdude2808d ago

I am not too much into sim racing games, however, Amazon does have better prices on their games. This is good news for those who are looking to buy this game along with all the other awesome games coming out this year.

rockleex2808d ago

According to crusadernm below, 5 million copies sold = a lot of leftover copies


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Azianphil882808d ago

why all of a sudden a price cut?

NYC_Gamer2808d ago

amazon always have price cuts on games

deadreckoning6662808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Its not Amazon, itS Target ITC. Its still $53.99 at Amazon.

R_aVe_N2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Amazon just price matched Target's sale on the game not really a big deal.

hiredhelp2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

why all of a sudden a price cut?

i beleave its cos sony has alot titles this year. so they have plans to make this platinum. but still be a solid seller.
more so

MrBeatdown2808d ago

It's a sale. Not a price drop.

ConflictingGamers is either too stupid to know the difference or hoping to insight the fanboys by getting them to think the game is doing poorly.

Actually it's probably both. Especially after their stupid Mass Effect 2 trade-in price article.

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xtremegamerage2808d ago

Best ride ever:)

Last night i raced 10 laps on the nurburgring during the night and day.

Was freaking awesome.

spektical2808d ago

must buy, be part of the 6 million+ owners

STONEY42808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Huh? It's been 2 months... most games already drop somewhat within the first. And this isn't an official drop, it's just one retailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.