New Images Of GT Prologue

Take a look at these beautiful screenshots of the upcoming GT Prologue

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Relientk773839d ago

these graphics are incredible :)

Evil0Angel3839d ago

the replay looked better the the real picture
but the in-car view just looked as good as PGR4
anyway hopfully in christmas 2008 we will know how good is it.oh i am in europe so that mean 2009 for me

Douche3839d ago

Jaw drops, "something" rises. lol

AdolfBinBush3839d ago

How can anyone disagree with your wood.. its yours ain't it?

EDF 20173839d ago

These are not real time, the PS3 doesn't have enough memory for all of those extreme rez textures.

SmokeyMcBear3839d ago

all i hear is baaaaaaa baaaaaaa... run along little sheep

akaFullMetal3839d ago

what are you talking about, gt hd, looks almost like this, so of course with more time, this game is going to look even better, but still these cars are just more better plolished cars just like gt hd, so yea they can, i know they are real then

gameforall3839d ago

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
GC 2007 Pre-Race Menu Walkthrough

Watch and Drool.

Kyur4ThePain3839d ago

Quick...your comment didn't work. Go get Mart, POG, Blade and Knight to come and help you!

novaIS3503839d ago

but..but...teh forza has damage.

This is definitely rendered in real time by the GT5 engine, the technique you are seeing is called ray tracing, it is done in real time at 1080p 60FPS. Ray tracing has little to with "teh texture size" and lots to do with accurate light production, something the SPU's excel at. This is one of the cool things you can do with the Cell Processor in real time.

Alvadr3839d ago

LOL - another post, another 360 fanboy in denial

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kn3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

These "in-garage" images are phenomenal. Can we get some "during actual gameplay" ones, too?