Has Sackboy Revitalized the Gaming Mascot?

"Sackboy is, in fact, the perfect personification of Sony. He’s creative, quick to take risks, and often overestimates his own abilities."

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NYC_Gamer2893d ago

sackboy,brings fresh air in to the mascot category

FACTUAL evidence2893d ago

Sackboy is my homie son!! XD

Dark_Charizard2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Yeah I agree, he's one of the first mascots in years... And a worthy replacement of Crash Bandicoot [Insert Sad Smile]. But somehow I always think of Kratos as PlayStation's mascot...

PS - I wish that Naughty Dog would make Crash Bandicoot 4 after Uncharted 3 :)

Anarki2893d ago

Naughty Dog put Crash on the xbox, so it would be abit stupid imho

crimsonfox2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

if that was a shirt I'd buy it!
I feel although there are many great characters that make up PS3 exclusives sackboy is the one suited for the job, he's just a well created character that I think will be one of Sony's babies for a long time to come, also I feel that mod nation racers should of had sackboys and sackgirls. it's just a better character to look at, and probably sony could have used that to push it more.

fantasygamer2893d ago

Sackboy is AWESOME! and has to be one of the cutest gaming mascots ever.

mushroomwig2893d ago

Sackboy is usually the first thing people think of when they hear 'gaming mascot'. :]

Loner2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

No Mario holds that crown and has for years

@ Below

Yeah having a non pro Ps3 opinion on this site is considered trolling

pathetic how one sided this place is.

Edit - If the Hack news hurts your feelings just dont read it.Lord Sony will be ok

mantisimo2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Ermm no havent thought about mario as a mascot for about 10 years now.

Just go back to trolling the Ps3 hack news stories Loner, you really haven't done bad to be down to 1 bubble in only 11 days.

Top Troll.

Edit. In fact I see you are merrily posting the hack news now. GAL, (stands for Get A Life) or anyone else got any interesting uses for this achronym, maybe ending in LONER?

@ Loner. Hack news doesnt hurt my feelings I just am finding it really tiresome until something actually new comes out. Whereas you are positively relishing any little variation because you are a troll.

@ Char I suppose Pickachu and Mario are your favourite mascots as well? Lovely. Im off to play a game of Pikmin 2 now because I'm a Ps3 troll, right yeah.

Dark_Charizard2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I can't believe the disagrees...... Oh, PS3 fanboy infestation still exists!? Will this site ever be cured?

mantisimo - He's not trolling, you are.

dragon822893d ago

There is a difference between a "non pro PS3" opinion and a "anti-PS3" opinion. A quick look at your comment history shows why you get so many disagrees.

midgard2272893d ago

loner r u a moron??? sure nintendo is a mascot but he's stupid now, with his idiotic lines and just being plain old. he's only liked when it comes to nostalgia, if mario was created this gen everyone would laugh.

the old mario was cool! u know the one before 64, before he talked and got annoying? and dont even get me started on Weegee! ugggh such a fruit he became.

honestly i dont even think of mascots at all anymore, i like sackboy as a character because he/she is anyone you want it to be, *shrugs all of us have our own opinion tho

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Kon2893d ago

When i hear Gaming mascot the first thing i think is Mario.

baodeus2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

actually i still think mario is something people still think about gaming mascot (maybe w/ the exception of N4G). However, sack boy can be anyone or anything, he does loose his identity in the process in that sense. People can turn him into kratos, mario, master chief, etc........Sack boy is more like a poser/imposter really than being a mascot.

It is possible to be a mascot when people can turn it into other mascot?

So it is possible to be a mascot with so many different identities?

baodeus2893d ago

so then i ask you guys this:

What does it mean to be a mascot?

TheSanchezDavid2893d ago

I miss the days where mascots were everywhere. Sackboy is a great mascot, though. Here's hoping we see more in the future.

Eiffel2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Honestly when I think of Sackboy all that comes to mind is LBP. Not so much "the gaming mascot" not that there's really "one" gaming mascot anyway, but several.

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