Grade-grubbing GameStop manager gets suspended

Dallas/Fort Worth's WFAA reported last Thursday on Brandon Scott, who said he denied games to about two dozen children who didn't have a parent to vouch for their academic achievement. "He needs to be reading a book. He knows how to play Madden before he knows how to do his ABCs and 123s - that's backwards!" Scott told the reporter, adding that "I'm probably going to get in trouble for this."

Well, he was right on that last point, at least. By Friday, WFAA was reporting that Scott had been suspended by GameStop's corporate offices, though Scott said he wasn't sure if the punishment was for the policy or simply for talking about it to the media. GameStop, for its part, said in an e-mail to WFAA that they were "evaluating Mr. Scott's concept," and had a "corporate commitment to assisting parents and other consumers in making informed choices."

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Arkham3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I think a more productive program would be to reward good marks (e.g. GPA, report card, honour achievements) with discounts or special offers, rather than restrict sales.

Promote rather than demote.

marinelife93870d ago

That's a good idea too Arkham. Unless all those kids want to end up working at Gamestop as well for the rest of their lives.

eclipsegryph3870d ago

I really do feel sorry for this guy, though I have to agree with Arkham. I hope nothing too negative happens to him.

Ugly American3870d ago

He makes a good point: You can kick ass at Madden but you can't spell Football. I FEEL like anybody who disagrees with his policy believes that every children's soccer team should win the game... even though the score says otherwise.

What if the kids he turned away got the point and actually studied harder and did better in school? What if he was actually making a difference? We all know parents are doing a great job parenting their video game children *sarcasm*... just look to the foul-mouthed little ones on Warhawk and Halo 2.

I applaud this guy for trying to hold some of these kids accountable for their actions and their futures.

MattFoley3870d ago

This program might be a descent idea if it was something that the parents signed them up for but not letting someone because of their grades is crazy! I hope this guy gets fired because I think he definitely overstepped his boundaries of being a Gamestop Manager. I'm sure there were other things he could have done to get a company endorsed program going to reward those who do well in school. You can refuse selling things to people because of many things but grades? What a joke!

eclipsegryph3870d ago

I think it's rather harsh to want to fire this guy for trying to take care of a problem. True, he didn't do it very well, but at least he tried.

That, and a manager DOES have the right to refuse service to anyone. They just can't discriminate. So he has every right in the world to tell a little twerp that he won't be buying any games from his GameStop.

Rooftrellen3870d ago

I thought his idea was a great one, and I hope it gets adopted in more places than just his little store.

It's really too bad that he's been suspended. It makes it look like GameStop is more interested in profits than children's futures.

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The story is too old to be commented.