Surprise at upcoming Nintendo event

It looks like there will be at least one surprise/possible retro revival at Nintendo's 3DS conference next week.

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boogeyman9992804d ago

I dunno if this dude knows what he is talking about since it might be to soon for another Metroid

cyborg2804d ago

I would more than love to have one for the 3DS right at launch itself

Kamikaze1352804d ago

Other M didn't do as well as Nintendo had hoped for. So maybe they'll release another Metroid game to try and make up for it.

ChickeyCantor2804d ago

Marketing wise thats like the most idiotic thing to do.
And sir I do not have to explain that.

Shok2804d ago

Probably a franchise revival on the 3DS. Earthbound 3DS?

Kamikaze1352804d ago

Earthbound isn't a big enough franchise

AWBrawler2804d ago

Kid Icarus never was big, so your point is?

Kamikaze1352804d ago


Kid Icarus only had what? One game? This new 3DS game is it's revival. Earthbound has had 3 games and neither of those were exactly huge hits. With the fans, sure, but with most people they weren't.

I'm an Earthbound fan, but I'm not getting my hopes up at all for a new rival or sequel that probably won't even leave Japan. Plus with region locked systems, it's not like I'll import it..I'm totally not buying two 3DS systems.

n4f2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

kid icarus had 2 game one on the gameboy and one on the snes

AWBrawler2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

that was NES and Gameboy


my point is if they bring back a game from 19 years ago that nobody really bought (I did, mind you) then why wouldnt they bring back Earthbound, a game that was up until Brawl, noticeably more recognizable and sought after than Kid Icarus?

Kamikaze1352804d ago

I guess those two games were more successful than Earthbound

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ChickeyCantor2804d ago

F-zero would be a godsend...IT WOULD BE THE RACE GAMES OF RACE GAMES.
( yes you read that right GT5 lovers)

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The story is too old to be commented.