PSN!: God of War: Ghost of Sparta review

Our team checks the efforts of Ready at Dawn on making a game which has the responsability of supporting a heavy weight over the shoulders: Be named God of War.

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Kran2893d ago

..... Game of the year?

:P j/k

TheLastGuardian2893d ago

GoW: Ghost of Sparta is my PSP GOTY. I still haven't played Peace Walker yet though.

hiredhelp2893d ago

dude ive played completed this game. my opinion 10/10 but for a review useraly they go for a 9/10

the best graphical psp game. replayability great you get to keep all your upgrades replay the game with what you had and find the missing objects also play as a differnt character also lots on challanges mini games. this by far the best psp title. almost feel like you played gow3

soren2893d ago

oh no not god of war lol overrated but cool u can be another char? thats diffrent i juts hope he doest use a whip like krataos and fights the same other wise its useless XD