PS3 Hacks Huge, Threat Even Bigger

The PS3 has been hacked at the most core level possible, and it's threatening the sanctity of trophies, the security of the PS3 system itself, and more. And Sony's mad as hell. Let's dive in, shall we?

Jailbreak exploits to run third-party software (and to kind of get pirated games running) have been around on the PS3 for months now, sometimes with or without the ability for these players to get on PSN. But a couple of weeks ago, a guy named George Hotz (aka Geohot, the guy who jailbroke the iPhone) used some method to figure out the PS3's root key. This is the specific string of characters used to encrypt all PS3 software as being produced by Sony, and it has huge ramifications for the future of the PS3.

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jack who2806d ago

i have a feel will be getting the ps4 faster this time around

ATiElite2806d ago

I have a feeling there will be a PS3 Emulator faster this time around.

This hack really is devastating as the net is buzzing with the words "PS3 Emulator" and Geo-Hot is gonna feel Sony's wrath.

reynod2806d ago

A PS3 emulator for those owning a PS3 would be great, since once the PS4 comes out we dont know if it will run the PS3 games. Just the way people now turn to PC for PS2 games BC for PS3 would be awesome.

trevonn952806d ago

good luck to people emulating games that are using 100% of the cells power

fantasygamer2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

It will take a really really powerful CPU to replicate Cell 1 PPU and 8 SPUs (7 active with 1 reserved for the OS so 6 are used for the games) each running at 3.2ghz and they do there own processing tasks..

mantisimo2806d ago

Yawn *rubs eyes, stretches* looks at news, back to sleep.

Wake me when something new and newsworthy happens please x

Ranshak2806d ago

I would love to have a PS3 emulator for my PC. PS2 games now run flawlessly. Sucks Sony took away BC for the PS2, I dont have much hope of them retaining PS3 BC for the PS4.

imvix2806d ago

Cell isnt so powerful, RSX + Cell can barely play most PS3 exclusives in 720p @ 30fps, thats not powerful by any means.

2806d ago
reynod2806d ago


Forget modern day GPUs, even 3-4yr old gpus are easily multiple times faster then the Cell.

ATiElite2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

First off every console and arcade machine has a PC emulator. what do you think they make the games on? Go to E3 and you will see a developer showing of a PS3 game using a PC. ALL games are made on a PC.

2. Every arcade and console has an emulator "Available" on a home PC except the PS3. There is a Xbox and a 360 emulator that works with at least one game. Xbox emulator runs Halo but the emulator hasn't been updated due to lack of interest. The 360 emulator is different as it breaks down the game code (Halo 3) to run on Windows. Again most 360 games have a PC version so no new work was done.

3. The Cell is powerful but a 4 core x86 CPu and a high GPU is far more powerful and with software that makes the CPu and Gpu work together in principle to the architecture of a Cell, A PS3 Emulator is possible using a $80 CPU and a $250 GPU for flawless operation.

any 3ghz dual core Intel/AMD w/ a GTX 460 or HD 5850 has enough calculation power to emulate a PS3 plus run the Windows OS and do all the other stuff it does. The hard part (now that the PS3 is hacked) is writing code to determine how a x86 PC should offload the work of a PS3 game.

So one day soon it may be possible to go buy a PS3 game, stick it in your BD drive and play Uncharted 3 on a PC. Notice I didn't even mention Intel's new Core i7 2600K which is INSANE!

HolyOrangeCows2806d ago

Oh look! ANOTHER "PS3 is haxed" article with no new information or suggestions.

silvacrest2806d ago

i have heard zero about a PS3 emulator, on N4G or anywhere else, the 360 and xbox 1 have been hacked for years and there is no sign of a emu there so what hope does anyone have for a PS3 emu?

Eyeco2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

oh jesus christ, this pirating issue is completely overblown, the ps3 isn't "doomed" the fact that the 360 and wii were hackable from day 1 and are still standing strong is just another testament to how minor pirating in consoles really is, and even if it wasn't where to far into the PS3's lifespan for it to make a dent.

im getting tired of seeing this pop up all the time, these stupid articles are being melodramatic just so they can gather hits for a problem thats sooo fuckin minor in console gaming.
So can people just ignore these stupid melodramatic flaimebait articles and move on with our gaming lives.

BattleAxe2806d ago

PS4 will be backwards compatible because Sony has said that they will be using a Cell processor. Obviously the PS2 used a completely different type of processor, and because Sony wanted to cut down their costs, they dropped the PS2 chipset. PS4 will be able to play PS3 games, the only difference is that it will be running at higher specs.

Chimerhazzard2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

That's not how things work...

Games are made on a pc, because they are CODED on a pc. The textures, the 3d models, the coding are, of course, done on a PC.

That doesn't mean that the game will run on a pc lol... The hardware and the Ps3's processor architecture is different than x86 systems (used on common pc), the software will only run on a ps3.

What you are saying is actually pretty stupid. Programming games for a console is like programming linux software in a windows environment. You can code the application, you can even compile it, but you can't run it. Why do you think there is a little language called "Java" that claims that "compile once, run everywhere?" Because Java uses virtual machines in order to be able to do that. Just because you can compile programs on a certain environment, it doesn't mean that the environment can run it.

In order to run PS3 software, you need to emulate the ENTIRE machine, the GPU, the CPU, the memory, etc etc. They just work differently, so you need the PC to compute how they would behave. There is NO WAY that current PCs can do that lol... current PS2 emulators still struggle to get Metal Gear Solid 3 (playstation 2 game) running at a solid 50 fps.

Please don't just spew out random stuff about a subject you know nothing about. It's not productive for the community.

pixelsword2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

@ reynod:

"The PS3 rendition of Pandemic's The Saboteur is different though. It's special. It's trying something new that's never been seen before on console, or indeed PC, and its results are terrific. In a best-case scenario you get edge-smoothing that is BEYOND the effect of 16x multi-sampling anti-aliasing, effectively delivering an effect BETTER than the capabilities of high-end GPUs without crippling performance. Compare and contrast with Xbox 360 hardware, which tops out at 4x MSAA."

TheLastGuardian2806d ago

How come the 360 doesn't have a bunch of problems like cheaters online? It's been hackable for years.

I hope Sony can weed out all the hackers and IP ban their sorry asses. What kind of person would want to ruin trophies and online gaming for everyone? That makes me so pissed.

I wouldn't wish that upon the 360 so why are there people out there who want to do that to the PS3? I hope Geohot loses and has to work his whole life to pay back Sony.

thereapersson2806d ago

The only reason that this is getting so much attention is because the usual "doom-and-gloom" suspects are clamoring for something else to attack the ps3 over. Since almost every one of the arguments that were leveled in the direction of the PS3 are now invalid (no games, inferior multiplats, PSN isn't competitive, etc.), this is the next overblown FUD machine they are channeling their "UMAD" syndrome through.

How about we wait and see what sort of result the "hacking" will bring about, instead of copy and pasting what is, in essence, the same article over and over again? Wha I find realy humorous, is that this "hack" isn't even a legit hack. Its literally reverse-engineering LEAKED & STOLEN information about the inner workings of the system's security. Nobody actually figured this out on their own, which is why it has taken so long to come about. It is pathetic, desperation at its finest from people who know that wthout Sony's inside secrets, they'd still be stuck at the beginning.

The only true "hacks" in this whole situation are that loser GeoHot and the trolls who had to resort to stealing company secrets to achieve anything.


Shepherd 2142805d ago

Im pretty sure that any solid PC gaming rig could run all PS3 exclusives very well and then some. There are many more impressive titles for the PC only.

the only problem for PS3 emulators is compatibility issues.

morganfell2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Amazing. People act like this is the end of the PS3 yet the 360 has been hacked for years. Every 360 game that is released is beaten to the market 2 weeks in advance by an illegal version.

Aren't these same people talking about the doom of the PS3 the same ones bragging about the biggest year ever for the 360? Sorry but you cannot have it both ways. Make up your mind.

Maybe they are too embarrassed to acknowledge the reason why no one bothers with homebrew on the 360.

zag2805d ago

I couldn't see a PS3 emu.

First you'd have to use a intel chip to pretend to be 2 CPUs + 8 SPUs after that.

Also you'd have to copy all the RSX calls and you'd need to rip apart a RSX chip as you wouldn't have the calls.

Then you'd have to make up a pretend RAMBUS pathway as the PS3 doesn't use DDR which is far to slow compared to a RAMBUS setup.

overall I couldn't see it happening and if it did it'd always be far too slow as you'd be killing the intel CPU.

Geohot is screwed anyway, Sony is going to sue him he just doesn't have a leg to stand on overall.

Muffins12232805d ago

I wantzz littlebigplanet for my pc!!!! :D GOOOO GEO HOT!!!!!!!!

Shepherd 2142805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

i dont give a damn if people disagreed with me above.

There are tons of better looking PC games than the best looking PS3 exclusives. If a PS3 emulator were real, the only thing keeping a PC from running it is "The Cell" and unique and complex way it works. But even with the complex Cell processor, it still doesnt produce games that LOOK better than PC exclusives.

Anyone denying this is silly.

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shoddy2806d ago

I still get U3, R3, starhawk(love warhawk), KZ3, marvel vs capcom(I play mutiplat too).
Many things to look forward to.

Sony loose money none of my business, just give me these awesome entertainment.

Look_Behind2806d ago

Well said, I cant wait for Starhawk.
We will enjoy the games that come out while the Sony cock suckers keep sucking Sony's cock and cry about other people hacking a console.

FACTUAL evidence2806d ago

I don't see how this is threatening trophies....People have been able to get automatic trophies before the hack with certain games like socom, fuel, ect.......The hack cannot effect anyone else so who cares? Be real though, how many people who did this trophy hack has the nuts to sign online and upload them? NONE! This is as useless as patcher.

ArmrdChaos2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

So...if a PS3 emulator for the PC is successfully created does that mean the PS3 no longer has any exclusives? Just curious considering previous logic employed on this site.

ATiElite2805d ago

That's a good question!

I would say YEs the PS3 would still have Exclusives because even though a PC emulator would run those exclusives it technically doesn't count.

Say you belong to a private golf course, at dusk I jump the fence and play on your private golf course, is it still private. Yes because you could add more security to keep me off the course just like Sony could add more security to keep it's games of the PC.

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Tommykrem2806d ago

I wish Sony would be able to spend all their focus on making features like cross-game chat. But I see they'll have to spend their time on security from now on. It's been longer and longer between firmware updates, and they haven't really gotten better (of course, topping ingame XMB is hard, since it should have been there from the start).

Do not like this :/

Billy_Dee_Williams2806d ago

Oh please. We have been begging Sony for Cross Game Chat for years. If they wanted to do it, they could have done it long ago. Security has nothing to do with anything because companys have the abilty to multitask. It is entirely possible for sony to deal with their hacker problems and release cross game chat at the same time.

Tommykrem2806d ago

Yes, of course it is. But Sony doesn't have unlimited resources, that's why Ingame Cross-chat, themes, dynamic themes, extended friend-list, wallpaper support, revamped PlayStation Store and ingame XMB didn't all arrive in one featuer. The has been hinting to this feature for some time now, so I doubt that Sony isn't working on this. Sony has a limited number of people working on implementing features in firmware updates, and security measures have to be implemented in firmware updates, so it only makes sense to think that Sony will have to place a lot on hold to fend of hacking.

It's not like they have a team standing by to work on countermeasures against hackers, and now that the problem is so big, I think Sony is directing a lot of its employees to focuse on this issue alone. I can't blame them really, but it's still tiresome.

cemelc2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

The reason why the PS3 dont have cross game chat is:

Xbox 360 patented that, sony would have to pay MS to use it. Thats it. Theres no laziness in sony part or any part at all.

They wont because they dont feel like paying for it. And im with sony on this, dont need the feature, wont pay for it and even if they added you ppl will just move and complain of someother non relevant feature.

Look at it this way psn+ is giving you free games every 2 or 3 month what would you like more cross game chat or free games??? Cos i know what a gamer would pick

Tommykrem2805d ago

That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard. (doesn't mean it's not true, mind you)
How can Microsoft copy such a vague concept? If that was possible, why didn't someone trademark writing e-mails or sending messages on a console? Chatting between games can't be a trademarked feature.

gta28002805d ago

Well when you think about it. They will start releasing patches now with cool updates to get people to update. Just like how they did with the PSP. They would keep adding new feature to entice all the hackers into updating their PSP's but these hackers have nothing to lose and usually have a lot of patience and just wait till they see the new firmware get hacked. But anyway, I can see cross game chat coming sooner than later now.

Kon2806d ago

The damage is done, it can't be undone.

polow got sol2806d ago ShowReplies(5)
PHOSADRA2806d ago

I could have sworn that awhile ago..
Geo Hotz stated that he wouldn't try to hack the ps3 anymore.

Was I misinformed?
Or did he lie?

Quickstrike2806d ago

He actually said that but then.....he was like "lol I troll you guyz"

Mahr2806d ago

"I could have sworn that awhile ago..
Geo Hotz stated that he wouldn't try to hack the ps3 anymore."

Well, he actually did leave the PS3 scene for a long time.

But then in late December, a group of people from the iPhone and Wii modding communities found and posted information involving a massive hole in the PS3's master key encryption and how it could be used to derive the key itself, which Geohot promptly did -- and subsequently took all of the credit for.

TronEOL2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Wow, and it's hilarious how you guys still support this guy when he takes credit for something he didn't fully do himself. The hacker community is one very beautiful community.

A bunch of inconsiderate pricks, who don't care much at all about the REAL gamers, nor do they care about their fellow hacker. They see "Big Corporation" and attack with no real reason or purpose. Just because someone limits something does not give you a reason to go all "tech-hippy" on them.

Buy a PC for PC reasons, buy a gaming console for gaming and the supported uses. The PS3 is a move in a good direction with all it's functionality, if you want to do what it can't do, use a PC, or hope they add new features VIA Firmware update, or on the next PS.

Now I have to deal with looking for a good server to play in MW2 because every fucking server is full of hackers.

Thanks, George Hotz, you truly care about the gamers./sarcasm