Going Through The MMOtions: DC Universe on PlayStation 3

PushSquare editor Sammy Barker jumps into the gigantic world of PlayStation 3 MMO DC Universe Online. This on-going feature serves as an evolving review of the game, complete with personal anecdotes and opinion:

"I’ve never played an MMO. Not a proper one anyway. The closest I’ve ever come was Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast. While technically not an MMO by current standards, the instanced co-operative gameplay melted my mind at the time. I loved being part of a world where I could communicate with everyone around me. Looking back on it, I’m certain I enjoyed the concept of Phantasy Star Online more than the actual gameplay. Either way, I’ve always wanted to try a true MMO.

But I’m a console gamer. Playing with a controller and analogue sticks is in my make-up, and nothing about any of the popular PC universes has particularly compelled me. Lord Of The Rings-inspired universes don’t necessarily inspire me, and while Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft is a sensation for millions of players, it’s never grabbed me on anything more than a peripheral understanding.

That’s why DC Universe Online is such a big deal. There are three notable components that open up Sony Online Entertainment’s to an entirely new audience: it’s on PlayStation 3, it’s based on a popular universe, and its gameplay is infinitely more accessible than other titles on the market. It’s part of the reason I feel so comfortable stating that I’ve never played an MMO; I’d hazard there are thousands more out there introducing themselves to a whole new gaming genre with this title. If you’re still considering it, you’re probably going to want to know if it’s any good, right?"

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