The Games That Hit the Million Mark in 2010

2010 was the year where Microsoft's console passed 100 different games with a million or more sales. In fact, with 25 new million sellers added to the collection this year, the console continues to hold the home console record of 113 million sellers in total. Still, even though Xbox 360 software was up YoY, its million seller count was somewhat down compared to 2009 (it saw around 28 new million sellers that year). Even so, this was a great year for 360 million sellers, so let's take a look at them shall we?

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Kantor2887d ago

I suppose this does prove that Wii games have brilliant legs. And also that the PSP's game lineup recently has been pretty dry.

lociefer2886d ago

oh look, more sales, some ppl gonna be happy

NoobSessions2886d ago

Take it with a grain of salt, it is VGChartz.

But even so, they have to be somewhat relatively true. Glad to see that Mirror's Edge hit around 1 million, and surprised FFXIII sold so much. I thought everyone said that it flopped saleswise on the Xbox, and was a giant mistake. Apparently not. Although obviously its not going to sale as much as the PS3 version, since the PS3 version is superior. Also many people that own a PS3 were PS2 owners, and FF fans... and some probably bought it over an Xbox for FF.

Kon2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

FFXIII was a downgrade if compared to XII. I hated the linearity of the game. I thought we were able to play in a open world, talking to NPS's, doing side quests, but 90%of the game was linear. And the Xbox version got 3DVD's... That was a flop.

NoobSessions2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I never talked about the quality of FFXIII, but commercial wise it was a success. People tried to deny that, and say the Xbox version flopped
Also, changing a disc 3 times doesnt really bother me, its not like Im going to play the entire game in one sit- through. I dont see it as a big deal but thats just me.

MyVoiceForN4G2886d ago

Ps3 should have 31 games, i didnt see final fantasy 13 on ps3 list. it sold more then 360. i dont like vgchartz they always cut things out for ps3.

R_aVe_N2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Yet people still let the article get on here go figure... I really don't pay much attention to things when it comes to vgchartz. Their data have been proven wrong time and time again. Yet people still bring them up when sales are involved.

postofficebuddy2886d ago

FFXIII crossed 1 million in 2009.

R_aVe_N2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

That is a good point. Was pretty much at 1mil at launch. Although it released in the US in 2010. I am guessing this data is for WW sales who knows.

ChristianGamer2886d ago

Final Fantasy crossed 1 million on ps3 in 2009 when it released in Japan. Goodbye conspiracy theory

Pedobear Rocks2886d ago

Vagchartz always leave me with crabs.

Spectator12886d ago

Which you then pass on to all of Pedobear's victims? Lovely.

jammydude2886d ago

FINALLY! It's posted as a rumour. Took people long enough to realise VGchartz numbers are made up rumours and guesses. This is the first step, the next is to block articles containing VGmyths as the source

Seferoth752886d ago

How pathetic your life must be.

It is really simple to understand what an estimate is for most people but then we have people like you who cant comprehend it and anything you don't understand you attack.

Wonder why you arent in the NPD saying the same thing since it also is an estimate. I would explain how VGchartz updates their info when new information becomes available but if you cant grasp the concept of what an estimate is I'd just be wasting my time.

jammydude2886d ago

and I would explain how they have failed, on numerous occasions, to update their data when Sony releases their official number of units sold. How pathetic your life must be to call someone out over something you CLEARLY know nothing about. Imbecilic. Vgchartz have been proven time and time again to consistently UNDERtrack the ps3 and OVERtrack the 360. Hell the founder of the site was a proud xbox 360 fanboy who made up numbers on neoGAF. Now he has his own websites ignorant fools such as yourself just take his numbers as fact. You literally knew nothing about the topic and decided to attack, well done, you look pretty silly.

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