Giant Bomb: Quick Look: DC Universe Online

Whiskey Media staff come out of the woodwork to see if the DCUO cape is worth donning.

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hakis862893d ago

I really want this game.. hmm how can I afford all the games I want :S
I'd get it for the PS3 I Think though... or the PC? AH the choices!!

SasanovaS19872893d ago

definitely buy the console version. maybe if we support the console, they will make more MMO's for them, thus maybe evolve somehow to perfectly suit the console. i know i am

Kon2893d ago

MMO's were meant to play on PC, so choose the PC one

Raendom2893d ago

This one was built from the ground up specifically for PS3. Only thing is the menus lag, otherwise it's the smoothest MMO i've played. Tons of stuff can happen on screen and it won't slow-down at all.

clintos592893d ago

Im a level 30 with nature but i dont know how to even use my powers lol. Im using nature as my powers but it wont let me turn into a, "Insectoid" because I wanna be a healer but im still learning how to use these powers. I love the game but I dont know what I have to do to use the healer role instead of damage role. Ill just start a new character with another power.

negroguy2893d ago

Press up on the directional pad to switch to healer role and then you can change into insectoid form. So basically you have to be in healer tole in order to change to insectoid. This is why you have a loadout for healer so you can put instectoid on there whenever you think you will need a boost in healing if you would like.

negroguy2893d ago

I cant get enough of this game. The only reason im not playing right now is cuz the servers are down (well mine atleast). The game really does have a lot of end game content from wooping flash and superman's a$$ to raids and duos. Think ill make a hero and see what its like on the other side.

gorebago2893d ago

Yeah Im trying to log on too. this game is incredible

Clarence2893d ago

I agree I can't get enough of it. I hope they keep adding content and raise the cap level pass 30. It's so much to do.

@clinto I notice that as well. My character powers are ice. I don't no if im a healer or what? Im only level 7 but in the watch tower you can wear certain armord suits if you prove yourself. Im thinking of actually getting a guide so I can understand the game more. One of the best things about the game is seeing all the different characters running, flying, and jumping around the two cities.

Close_Second2893d ago

If it were priced a little better I'd love to give the game a go (in NZ the game is $108 and then approx $20 per month). I do have to wonder what sort of legs it will have on PS3 once other games like KZ3 and Uncharted 3 are released. Hell, what about LBP2! Too many great games that would prevent me from playing a subscription based game.

gorebago2893d ago

The game will have it's dedicated following no doubt. I'll be one of them.

gorebago2893d ago

someone hates this game ehe