Red Dead Redemption Just $36.99 + GOTY Sticker reports: "A recent venture to to check on special deals to report on, I came across the new box art for Red Dead Redemption which now sports the VGA Game of the Year sticker! As of right now the sticker is all that's special about it, this isn't a Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition or anything like that. "

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dorron2804d ago

I'll wait till a GOTY/Complete/Ultimate Edition comes out...

IllusionRSN2804d ago

Yea, I can't wait for the GOTY Edition!

Bounkass2804d ago

Wow, a sticker...

GOTY Edition will probably just be all the expansions together...

NYC_Gamer2804d ago

this sticker means nothing since its not bundled with the dlc

Kon2804d ago

GotY sticker hahahaha

tony67672804d ago

can we remove the sticker ?

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