Mass Effect demo: first details, new screens

During a recent interview with Dr. Greg Zeschuk, co-founder and president of the mighty BioWare, he let slip a few words on the possibility of a demo. When asked point blank if there'll be a demo, CVG was told, "We're still thinking of the exact form the demo could take."

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SuperSaiyan43929d ago

Although that will surely delay the game further! I say scrap any ideas of a demo and give me the damn game already!!

The Real Joker3929d ago

As long as the release date stays the same...GIVE ME A DEMO! It wont change the fact that I am buying this the second it comes out. This is my GOTY. I am getting Halo3 but ME will definately find more love from me.


Meathead: check this out if you haven't already: