LBP2 Developer: PlayStation Move, New Music Features, Coming

With LittleBigPlanet 2 scheduled to be released on Tuesday in the states, the Gamer Sheep got a chance to speak with Media Molecule about the new creation tool, how fans can better promote their levels, and what’s in store for the game.

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dizlaoboi9162655d ago

These gamersheep dudes put in mad work, a new site and they already havr dev interviews and a ton of content, its my new favorite site

R_aVe_N2655d ago

I kind of like the site myself it is not overdone like most sites are. They don't have tons of ads everywhere just gaming content.

dizlaoboi9162655d ago

They also have a podcast on the site as well. Entertaining and witty. I subscribed to them on itunes.

Elimin82655d ago

This is poo.. First they said it was move compatible now they are saying NOT YET?

TheLastGuardian2655d ago

Good article. I just hope MM don't charge for the Move support.

Focker4202655d ago


Apparently you haven't playedSackboy's Prehistoric Moves on the PSN. All these levels will be in LBP2.

Elimin82655d ago

@ Focker420 ... Apparently I have.. You need 2 players for that... But it was announced that LBP2 would support FULL MOve support. That's why I mentioned it....

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AnimeRaven2655d ago

I agree not a bad site at all.

tony67672655d ago

nice we will have more move content

louievillalobos2655d ago

Yeah, they said they just wanted to make sure Move could be used to create level is a way that was effective.

Redempteur2655d ago

that's awesome ..maybe we'll have a the move as a interractive mouse while creating ...

can't wait to see how moves interraction will be allowed in the future

acky12655d ago

am groovin' with playstation movin' :) Cannot wait to flick my wrist macho style.
Sony 'til I die

dizlaoboi9162655d ago

I like flickin my wrist with my sackboy too, no homo...

Lirky2655d ago

My psn funds are soley going towards lbp2 dlcs id like to purchase mostly level-kit/music/anything creation thingies dlcs.

nice article

Sanii2655d ago

only a few more days!

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The story is too old to be commented.