Nintendo 3DS Possibly Hacked Already

After being stolen from a Chinese factory and torn apart for the world to see, according to this Chinese website it seems that the parties involved in the theft have already hacked the Nintendo 3DS and granted it the ability to play ROMs.

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NoobSessions2886d ago

Games get pirated before they're officially released, but this is ridiculous

PS3pwnsyou2886d ago

Yeah, I think the same thing happened with the iPad or iPhone, it got jailbroken before release

Honestly, it's not strange that nobody is rooting for GeoHotz in his case against Sony, lol

VINNIEPAZ2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

"Honestly, it's not strange that nobody is rooting for GeoHotz in his case against Sony, lol"

WRONG Maybe not on this site which is (my guess) 90% Sony fanboys which will rape you in a heartbeat for not pledging your Sony loyalty.

I for one am rooting for him all the way.

captain-obvious2886d ago

the only ppl that are rooting for him are 360 fanboys
just like the tow above me

AceofStaves2886d ago

Plenty of people on this site are rooting for the hacker. I believe in intellectual property rights, though, so I'm hoping he gets his arse handed to him on a silver platter.

PirateThom2886d ago

Only children are rooting for him as they can't afford to buy games and can't understand copyright law.

mikeslemonade2886d ago

:) I love this! I'm gonna get a 3DS during launch and buy no games ahahahahahaha. I am part of Nintendo's inevitable downfall muwahahahaha.

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Darkfocus2886d ago

it'll only mean a delay in the systems launch until the fix it....

smoothdude2886d ago

Actually Nintendo has an active role in prosecuting pirates for game theft. However, piracy is going to happen, so it becomes more of a choice for gamers. If you don't like piracy don't do it, unfortunately, people will still download games.

I am not sure the statistics, however, I believe that there are more honest people out there than hackers and pirates.

mirumu2886d ago

I don't want to see piracy on the 3DS, but I won't be losing any sleep if the hacks kill the region lock.

In my case at least Nintendo will end up getting more of my money if the region lock is gone.

fatstarr2886d ago

i don't think it can be hacked yet if the os isnt even on the machine. or maybe i am wrong.

pedrami912886d ago

Holy hell that went fast.
I wonder how Nintendo will respond to this.
I really hope this is fake, i know everything gets hacked eventually, but if this is true.......this is just sad.

Kon2886d ago

Like everything that Nintendo releases.

acky12886d ago

Sony do what nintendon't :)
Sony 'til I die

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The story is too old to be commented.