NPD: Top 20 Games Sold in August 2007

Here is the NPD list of the top 20 games sold in august:

1. Madden NFL 08-360-EA-896.6K
2. Madden NFL 08-PS2-EA-643.6K
3. BioShock-360-Take-TwoEA-490.9K
4. Madden NFL 08-PS3-EA-336.2K
5. Wii Play/ w remote-Wii-Nintendo-256.8K
6. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption-Wii-Nintendo-218.1K
7. Mario Strikers Charged-Wii-Nintendo-147.4K
8. Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar-PS2-Activision-145.4K
9. Mario Party 8-Wii-Nintendo-138.3K
10. Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s-PS2-Activision-127.1K
11. Madden NFL 08-Xbox-EA
12. Madden NFL 08-Wii-EA
13. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day-DS-Nintendo
14. Two Worlds-360-Southpeak Interactive
15. Pokemon Diamond-DS-Nintendo
16. High School Musical: Making the Cut-DS-Disney Interactive
17. Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar-360-Activision
18. Madden NFL 08-PSP-EA
19. Pokemon Pearl-DS-Nintendo
20. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08-360-EA

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xaphanze3903d ago

one ps3 title only?that sucks.

testerg353902d ago

That's why games are coming out first on the 360. PS3 fans need to start buying or it will be more of the same.... waiting...

deadshark13902d ago

but there so dear a mean u cant even buy 9 games without paying more than the accual console �450


XBOX 360 Gamers buy & play games.

PS3 owners apparantly either watch movies or watch their PS3 collect dust.

XxZxX3902d ago

Wow PS2 sales still going very strong. Still going to help Sony brand for the long haul.

Funky Town_TX3902d ago

I have said it before and I say it again. You guys nned to buy games. The fact that madden 360 out sold madden PS2 is a joke. If I was a dev I would not waste my time on the PS3 right now. Maybe in 10 years you guys will buy games. Can't wait for killzone2

DeckUKold3902d ago

i know about hs warhawk lair what about other games resistance fall of man, genji, untold legends ninja gaiden the darkness elderscrolls, motorstorm, etc there are qulity games soon to be more but if your not intrested then your opinion

Funky Town_TX3902d ago

I said go buy games. I did not say PS3 had no games. Get of the web and go buy games.

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