First-person view of history of gaming

Made by some US students of game design, this video takes us through a first-person view of what it’s been like to play games over the last 20 (or so) years!


Update: After contact from the students themselves, my mistake was pointed out. The students are from Germany, not the US. Apologies to the clever folks who created this :)

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ATiElite2890d ago

Nothing is better than a capacitor charge/discharge switch board and an oscilloscope. The hours of fun you can have playing with a O-scope connected to an Old School Zenith TV.

If you have ever done this then you my friend are a true GEEK. great video.

captain-obvious2890d ago

i'll wait for anyone to come in here and complain that its an a First person view


captain-obvious2890d ago

this is joke
about FPS's and the ppl that always complain about FPS games now a day

Zorda20972890d ago

So this is the sort of crap US game design students have to do as assignments...
I'll pass :P

sourav932890d ago

Actually, although it says US students, If you click on the link and then follow on to watch in HD in the vimeo website, the description states that the vid's made by students from munich. Maybe they're US students in munich? We'll never know....

Zorda20972890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

To be honest perhaps I was being unfair singling it out as just US, just more of a judgement at the crap they are teaching the next prospective generation of game developers.
I'm studying Games Design now in the UK and obviously ignoring the 3D modelling/animation/etc the theory we are learning is coming first hand from speakers within the industry and our assignments ask us to personally look into areas we are aiming to get into and explore and write about them.
Wasting time making videos on timeline of video games is just unbelievable... makes the course look like a hyped up media course.

Silver_Faux2890d ago

Thats like a montage of what my eyeballs have been seeing from the NES onwards for the last 20 years....except obviously the virtual reality

bobrea2890d ago

That was pretty awesome. Heavy dose of nostalgia.

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