Nowgamer(360) Review: Nail'd

It's not a nail'd on classic. Buy it and you'll feel stitch'd up.

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kvg882808d ago

wow, talk about conflicting reviews from the same site lol

SasanovaS19872808d ago

i remember some article stating nail'd blows motorstorm out the water...someone please link it, then email the guy how he should quit life

Bathyj2808d ago

And then link all the xbox fanboys that jumped on that article and told us for two days how awesome this game they'd never played was.

We'll just chuck this in the
Pure is better than Motorstorm
Prototype is better than inFamous
Banjo is better than LBP

ambientFLIER2808d ago

Pure can be considered pretty close to motorstorm. It's an awesome game.


loooooooooooooooooooooooooool is all i can say :p

Kon2808d ago

I enjoyed this game more than most people i see.

dkblackhawk502808d ago

3.8/10? Were they high when playing?

Ducky2808d ago

Would've gotten a higher score if they were high.

pedrami912808d ago

really low review score, and here i thought this game would replace Pure.

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