CVG Preview: Dragon Age 2: Can it deliver on its big promises

When developers talk about sweeping changes and huge improvements from one game to its sequel, the default position is caution.

When the sequel in question is following up a 50+ hour cult RPG hit, less than 18 months down the line, the default position is extreme caution with potential for blowback.

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Kon2887d ago

As i said before, Dragon Age without Alistair isn't Dragon Age, so it's better they change the name of the game.

Imalwaysright2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

lol i let Alistair die to have Loghain in my party on my 1st playthrough.

Tex1172887d ago

Im sure they will have someone cracking jokes.

NYC_Gamer2887d ago

i'm upset about how they changed the combat

Blacktric2887d ago

They didn't changed anything about combat. It's still the same, only a bit faster. In Origins, it had a turn based feeling to it eventhough it wasn't. In Dragon Age 2, when you press the attack button (A/X/Mouse Click) or execute talents, Hawke is going to perform them much faster. That's all. It's still the same game, it's still an RPG.

chak_2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

They'll dumb it down just like they dumbed mass effect I feel.

You can disagree all you want, ME2 was only the shadow of it's brothe RPG wise

Blacktric2886d ago

If you think an RPG is a game with a regular inventory system, a dialogue tree, lots of looting, etc. Go play classic RPG's. Mass Effect 2 is more RPG than most of the games out there with the RPG game label. What matters is choices. Not, having a D20 combat system, tons of loot and an inventory system.

LightofDarkness2886d ago

True, but there are no other gameplay elements more addictive to me than looting. God I love loot.

Blacktric2886d ago

I'm not saying that I'm against looting or D20 combat system. Hell, I loved KoTOR and KoTOR 2 for its D20 use. But a game doesn't necessarily have to have those things I've mentioned to be a true RPG. Choices and consequences are what matters in an RPG game. And since Mass Effect gives you the option to carry your choices from game to game, it's unbeatable in that area.

mobijoker2886d ago

Bioware never failed to deliver and whatever the changes are one thing is sure that we are gonna love it.

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