CVG: Max Payne 3 - Can Rockstar Deliver without Remedy?

Rockstar are aware that the shooter envelope needs pushing, so bank on a sophisticated cover system and environs that pack in a level of destructibility unseen since the last Red Faction, for starters.

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guigsy2887d ago

Can't believe that are dropping the whole comic book noire style in favour of... this.

anthraxCZ2887d ago

agreed, they ruined max payne´s feeling and atmosphere

Active Reload2887d ago

"Can Rockstar Deliver without Remedy?"

I don't know, but that screen-shot looks amazing.

outlawlife2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

yes they ruined a game that you've never played

play it first, instead of judging it before anyone has really even seen it

and who says they are dropping the comic book style? we have literally seen next to nothing of this game

crzyjackbauer2886d ago

rental first, then we'll see

DelbertGrady2887d ago

I think they can. Even if it's different from the original I really like the new art direction.

MGRogue20172887d ago

Rockstar Games are the best developer eve... Ummmm, Actually no, I think Naughty Dog is.

But Rockstar Games come at a very very close second.

Snatcher2887d ago

Valve is the best developer... everybody knows that.

NnT32912887d ago

CAPCOM used to be the best dev in my eyes, but now it's Valve and R*

Hellsvacancy2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Valve? I-O are the best just for creatin the Himan series, R* create more appealin games then what Valve do

Lamarthedancer2887d ago

I think Rockstar is better they really havent messed up in there games, while Valve, even though they are brilliant, did fuck up the L4D franchise with the two games spilting the community and it's true L4D is dead.....they said they would come through for it and they didn't

Snatcher2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

I don't think L4D is dead... I think many people play it daily. But L4D2 is just awesome. 15000 people play it right now, and every week there is a new mutation and a poll vote. There have already been like 2 free DLC already. The Sacrifice and The Passing. And we got No Mercy also, so we can play as L4D1 survivors in L4D2.

I also like to download some community made maps, like the Helm's Deep map, it's awesome.

Ducky2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Rockstar messed up with GTA4's nagging friends..perhaps.
Though it seems R* actually put a lot of work in their games. You can simply do nothing but drive/walk around and explore.

Although, whoever has KenLevine working for them can also be a candidate.

(The L4D/2 community split is irrelevant now. L4D2 is like $5 during sales.)

ATiElite2887d ago

I'm a Pc gamer and to me Valve can do no wrong but I'm not gonna be bias. Rockstar is awesome and I can almost say they are better than Valve but lets take a look and I'll throw ND in just for fun.

Naughtgy Dogg: Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Dexter, Uncharted. 3 solid series with Uncharted blazing new trails in console action adventure.

Valve: Half Life, Team Fortress, Counter Strike, Portal, L4D, DotA, Day of Defeat, Alien Swarm. The first 5 games in this list are either the genres benchmark, or what every developer is trying to copy.

Rockstar: GTA, Red Dead, Max Payne Midnight Club, Bully, Manhunt, L.A. Noire. Take any two games out of this list and it's enough to beat 90% of all developers as far as innovation, quality, and game play.

ND is fantastic but they maybe need 2 more franchises to compare. Bioware or Blizzard would have been better on this list. Again ND is a AAA Dev so i'm not dissing them they just don't have as many franchises.

Rockstar or Valve take your pick. For me it's Valve because they are mod friendly and I've played HL2 Deathmatch against the developers a couple times but in no way am I dissing R* cause they are the best Console Developer PERIOD and many would say best Game Developer of all time.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2887d ago

Rockstar Is 100 Times Better Than Naughty Dog, Naughty Dog Is Brilliant As I Bought & Loved The First Three Crash Bandicoot Games But Rockstar Releases Better Games

AccountClosed570292886d ago

The Warriors is awesome, too bad I can't play it on my PS3... I miss the PS2...

trevonn952887d ago

rockstar was the best until gta4 that was the biggest pile of shit ever naughty dog have never let me down so imo they are the best

HarryPS32887d ago

The first one was awesome, then it went downhill.

kramun2886d ago

Max Payne 2 was great, and better than the first.


anyone else think the graphics look outdated, dreading what the ps3 version will look like :/

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