HawkEye: Why NFS: Shift 2 could be the best racing game ever

ConnectedConsoles: "If you haven’t seen the latest trailer for the clumsily-titled Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed, I won’t blame you. The trailer, which ‘did a ninja’ and sprung the first ever gameplay on viewers, as well as a pleasing release date, had surprisingly little fanfare surrounding it. And I honestly, for the life of me, can’t figure out why."

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MariaHelFutura2865d ago

I`m sorry, but the cars in NFS:S felt like Hovercraft and felt nothing like the cars they were trying to replicate. It`s makes me wonder what people think makes a great racing game.

jib2865d ago

i'd have to disagree. physics weren't the best sure but the game is FUN. i love the exaggerated sounds, sense of speed, & the graphics is IMO, pretty good as well

still do prefer GT/Forza to it but i'm getting shift 2 regardless

DelbertGrady2865d ago

The sense of speed was better than in most other racing games. Dirt 2 has great sense of speed as well.

kharma452865d ago

Yeah DiRT 2 was fantastic. I got it in the Steam sale back at Halloween, it's a godly racer.

ComboBreaker2865d ago

Like your typical every other arcade racing game out there.

Downtown boogey2865d ago

One game (GT5) is enough for my sim fix... And MotorStorm provides the fun and intense racing that I devour even more.

Dee_912865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

i liked grid way better than shift
I love dirt 2 thats the only game i got plat trophies on

ShinMaster2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

They're different types of racing games.

Shift physics have nothing on GT5.
Shift doesn't focus on realism like GT5.

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Perjoss2865d ago


the cars they were trying to replicate were race cars, are you a race driver?

MariaHelFutura2865d ago

No, But I`ve driven cars that you would find in racing games. Aston Martin, Ferrari etc.

LiL T2865d ago

I cant speak for MariaHelFutura but I can say that I have personally built and driven race cars and nothing in NFS handles like a real car. Theres only one game on consoles that even comes close (very very close) and thats GT. If you want realistic on PC try R factor (havent tried iRacing) which use MoTec data acquisition for some cars.
So Perjoss, Have you ever driven a race car?

Dee_912865d ago

im gonna try out r factor

LiL T2864d ago

Its a great game, just wish I had a better pc. I got the game with the G27 but had played it couple years back on a friends pc that he built just for that game. Hope you got a wheel because K/M or controller just wont cut it in that game.

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egidem2865d ago

One reason: CRITERION GAMES, the dudes responsible for the awesome Burnout series.

Quagmire2864d ago

Criterion isnt making this game. However, Shift 2 is still gonna be a must buy.

Rageanitus2865d ago

nfs shift is pretty good game... but I do agree that each car from one another did not FEEL alot different. It was hard to feel the diffrence between rear wheel drive and front wheel drive.

It is an arcade racer IMO but tried to add some simulation elements ( ease of skidding out if you dont brake)... But I give it that it had much more of a sense of speed vs GT5

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GodofSackboy2865d ago

Dunno why Shift 1 got so much hate, it was my favourite racing game ever until GT5, thought it was brilliant. Shift 2 would be better with more grippy handling though.

jib2865d ago

hate the super-oversteering in 1. i don't know if it was a design choice but i hope they fix/change it for 2

Dee_912865d ago

grid was my fav racer
i like dirt 2 more than grid but it was only rally so

mjolliffe2865d ago

I seriously think it will be. I mean, Gran Turismo 5 was pretty darn good - despite it not being my cup of tea - but it didn't sell as much as I thought it would have.

This, I think, is the real deal - and it's only been in development for two years?

mrv3212865d ago

Didn't sell aswell as it could have? 5.5 million+...

mjolliffe2865d ago

Did I say "could" have? No. I said "as much as I thought it would have."

There was an absolute huge amount of hype surrounding the game, so I thought it would have had a few more million sales thrown onto that.

I can't deny that it's sold very well, but personally I was expecting a little more. You can't have a go at me for that.

jammydude2865d ago


firstly, do you know nick jolliffe?

secondly, it sold 5.5 million in one month. It's now been 2 and a half, it's undoubtedly nearer to 7 million now. In case you didn't know that's a massive amount of sales. Halo reach didn't sell 5.5million in that short a period of time

Information Minister2865d ago

I'm not sure I get your point. Are you trying to say that because GT5 didn't sell as much as you thought it would have, that means it's not as good as it could have been? Or are you saying that the quality of a game is measured by the number of copies sold, and that's what determines the best racing game? Because I seriously doubt Shift 2 will be able to push the same numbers as GT5.

Also, besides Call of Duty, how many games sold 5 million in one month this gen? You make it sound like it happens all the time, when in fact it's a very rare occurrence.

Ve3tro2865d ago

I never got the chance to pickup the original Shift but I may get this one.

Quagmire2864d ago

The original shift was great, however I got bored of it. Myabe im not into sims, which is why I dont care for GT5. However, this looks to be a GREAT mix of sim and arcade, exxagerating the intensity of racing.

I guess you could say that Shift 2 is the Bastard child of Gran Turismo and Burnout.

The_KELRaTH2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

(PS3 version) I enjoyed the singleplayer and the car sound effects are the best of any racing game but the private online side was a disaster as players would be guaranteed to be disconnected at some point during the evenings race session and then be unable to just re-enter the lobby afterwards (without an invite from host which is kinda tough when racing).
Finally when the host gets disconnected it's game over rather than passing to someone else.

The best lobby format I've used for racing is in GT5 where friends and friends of friends can join directly - and now even follow friends into a public host games too.

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