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SnakeMustDie2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Its like they are marketing it to underaged fragheads rather than gamers that satisfy its mature rating.

Neckbear2595d ago


Why do you think they forced a multiplayer in it?


TheBand1t2595d ago

Y'know, not every single comment needs to sound like it was dug from the smelly bowels of /v/, as it's more aggravating then funny now

Sony3602595d ago

I felt myself get more stupid as I read you trying to be funny.

deafwing2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I'm not even sure given Neckbear a negative bubble would help his/her situation

but I see the point made earlier about who its marketed for; the game is meant for 18+ but the ads make it seem like they want younger kids to buy it

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the_best_player2595d ago

@Your mom hates dead space 2

Good luck buying the game then kids lololol

lovestospoodge2595d ago

I was just waiting for the black mom to be like,

Sony3602595d ago

Your mom medium disagrees with dead space 2.

Quagmire2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Bubs up for Lovesto...spoodge? (what the hell's the meaning...what is spood- never mind)

Here's the reference:

lovestospoodge2595d ago

you out of all people should know ;)

MarioWarfare2595d ago

Maybe because they wanna sell 3 million copies instead of just one million? That's why Call of duty/ GTA is so successful.

clarkjudo2595d ago

Maybe if they add the reduced graphic content option like COD: Black Ops did. And well, these type of videos would not exist. Carter to all gamers = More profit and new fan base.

cjflora2595d ago

I feel that they were marketing to the grown up gamer who still likes the idea of playing something their mom wouldn't approve of. Just because it says "Your mom hated Dead Space 2" doesn't mean it was being marketed to minors. You're reading way into it. Maybe it takes a grown up to understand the purpose of this ad.

KingDustero2595d ago

This whole thing is just a joke. Moms are the only ones who complain about violent video and how they "ruin their children."

EA is making fun of moms pretty much with this viral campaign

I found the videos quite funny.

They also showed some new footage in them.

egidem2595d ago

It was pretty hilarious. How they walk in the room, with absolutely on expectations of what is coming to them...and the reaction they have.

sobekflakmonkey2594d ago

yeah true, but still, soooo awesome.

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Sneak-Out2595d ago

Awesome Reaction .. Mums hate really Dead Space 2

mastiffchild2595d ago

My missus is a mum and preordered the spec ed the day it came up on Shopto. I call BS-as my actual 60 year old mum also liked the first game(massive fan of sci fi and the Alien films, though, so y'know)as well. Just because they found a few pussy mums doesn't mean we can heap all mums together. My missus HATES them poor necromorphs, mind, so kinda.

smashman982595d ago

well then ur moms a gamer these moms are not and jeez its just an ad stop getting all over sensitive lol

belal2595d ago

haha this is going to be awesome!!!!!

Raendom2595d ago

Watched them all. Hilarious stuff. I'd show it to my mom but she wouldn't really care. :P

RedDead2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Honestly I think this is stupid. Bad for gaming, makes us look immature. Makes it look like they're aiming for kids to get it, I thought we could get by this stuff and try to bring gaming into the Mature side of entertainment...

wiggles2595d ago

That's exactly what I thought when I was watching the trailer. Like this gives off such bad vibes it's not even funny....oh bad parenting allows for underage people to purchase M rated games. Then we have dead space which is basically exclusively marketing to that age group.

I won't be surprised if there isn't some kind of backlash because those commercials were not intended for the "mature" audiance

MarioWarfare2595d ago

Companies like EA/Activision and every other company is in the business for one thing, and that is money. Advertising to kids pays off so even if some people don't like it that's not gonna stop them from doing it.

cjflora2595d ago

Grown up gamers have moms too.

mugoldeneagle032595d ago

The vibe they're going with is "It's a horror game, and your mom will be shocked at how gory it is", which is what I want out of a survival/horror/shooter game?

I mean, the underage thing I get but with the way game sales are being monitored now a days I doubt its going to cause a problem at all. I've worked in retail the last 5-6 years and everywhere I've been the computer brings up a message to ask for ID right when you scan an M rated game.

And besides there are TONS of parents out there who allow their kids to play games like these, probably even if they see the commercial. I had a mom tell me her 10 year old son loves GTA the other week. I was like "ummmmm......"

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