Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Review - Gadget Review

A game’s weaknesses are rarely also strengths, but perhaps we’ve all been gauging something wrong with Assassin’s Creed. The series has thus far been based on dumb AI and seemingly basic gameplay problems…and yet we keep playing and we keep enjoying. Ubisoft has certainly stumbled onto something great, especially if they contend with Call of Duty and still make exceptional sales.

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Dsnyder2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

This game should have been an expansion. It was just assassins creed 2 in Rome with noob recruits to auto kill everyone with; The controls for climbing were GOW1 unresponsive so I ended up aiming for a ledge but jumping to my death; Not to mention SURPRISE another cliffhanger ending with no questions answered. Im glad I rented this game or else I would have felt even more screwed than I already was.

Muitnorts2891d ago

I personally thought Brotherhood was far and away the best Assassin's Creed game. It tightened and improved every aspect of the game. Not to mention the online was actually good against all odds.
It's certainly one of my favourite games this year, and that's from someone who didn't love the first two particularly.

Dsnyder2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Dont get me wrong, the gameplay is great (regardless of the bad climbing controls). That is why I keep coming back to Assassins Creed. Hooping around rooftops and exploring has a pretty serene feel to it. It really sucks me in. But the biggest problem is with the story. Its been 2 and a half games and what do we know? Nothing. What are the templars planning? What the hell are those pseudo god things? What are they planning? What happened to altiar? Why are there only 3 assasins left in present time to help Desmond? We are just being pulled along like puppets on a string with these questions right in front of our face only to have it yanked away with a "cliffhanger lol" ending. Its a very cheap way to tell a stary and and even more ceap way to hype up the next sequel and ensure that they make money off of it. Well I dont like being treated like a talking wallet. I want to play a game because I like it not because the ending is actually in the next damn game.

Also I didnt play the mutiplayed becasue this is the type of series that isnt suited for it. I also didnt want to go through that Bioshock 2 tacked on feeling that happened to me before. That game taught me that even the greatest single player games cant create good multiplayer versions of that game.

Seijoru2891d ago

I still feel like the game is much too easy. It holds your hand completely and you can just spam the attack button. They also added that killstreak move that makes the game even more easier. The only thing I enjoy about the game is the architecture and the gadgets really.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2891d ago

Let me see if I can answer your questions. Just bear in mind that some of it might be speculation.
The Templars are planning on installing one of the "Apples" in a Satellite. They can then use it to control.... everyone.
The Pseudo god things are referred to as "Those Who Came Before." So far we've met Minerva and Juno... now go Google them. If I understand it right they creaded the Pieces of Eden that all the fuss is about. It would appear that they also created us normal people; as for what they're planning... they're trying to save us from some impending catastrophe, I don't know what exactly, but it looks like the Sun is involved. And they said in AC2 that it happened once before.... which is why TWCB are extinct now.
Altair hooked up with the Templar woman sent in as a decoy in the 1st AC. That's the last we saw of him. My guess is he raised his child to be an Assassin, and at some point the lineage moved to Italy.
Lucy, Rebecca, Shaun, and Desmond aren't the only Assassins left, but the Brotherhood is in pretty dire straits. Three is either all that's necessary or all the Brotherhood can spare... maybe both.
My guess is AC3 will be the last one. As with movies, game franchises tend to go downhill after 3. That's not ALWAYS true, but odds favor it.
If it is the last one, then all this discussion about setting is irrelevant, It'll most likely be set in the present, with Desmond as the Assassin. I'm guessing he'll have three objectives.
1. Find the Temples Minerva mentioned in AC2.
2. Track down and round up as many PsOE as he can.
3. Kill Warren Vidic. During the completion of this objective he could very well bring down the whole Templar order.
Cliffhangers aren't really meant to keep stringing you along. Sooner or later, one of the installments in the franchise ties it all together. As examples.... Revenge of the Clones, Season 6 of Lost, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heroes got cut short so I can't say for certain. Say what you want about Matrix Revolutions, at least it had a proper ending. Same with LOTR.
A cliffhanger ending means one of two things: what you just experienced (Movie, Game, TV episode) is part of a larger story that WILL have a proper ending, just not yet (Matrix, Star Wars, Lost)... OR.... The creators are going to try and drag it on forever (Friday the 13th, any soap opera). With the 72 day time frame established in AC: Brotherhood, as well as all the questions raised so far.... this feels like the former. Keep playing, and your questions will be definitively answered. That's not a promise..... it's a cliche.

NewZealander2891d ago

im loving it, by far the best AC game, out of all games this gen the assassins creed franchise is hands down my favorite

jarrod19812891d ago

i agree these games are absolutely amazing. i loved the first one and the second one was so much better even. some of the most amazing environments ive seen just started bh tonight and i already know it will be great

NewZealander2890d ago

im about 35% through and yeah its fantastic, so many cool elements to the story, its like they tweaked everything, ezio is pretty badass now.