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Now LIVE** Buy 2 get one free video game deal on all video games $29.99 and over. This comes at a perfect time for games such as; Little Big Planet 2 and Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 which release this coming week, but the list goes on, with tons of games to choose from. Check out the full list of games..

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Desz2889d ago

Mass Effect 2 (PS3), LBP 2 and Deadly Premonition for me.

Kran2889d ago

First 2, yes. Last one... no.

gorebago2889d ago

Yeah man get a game thats 60 bucks and get the cheap one later otherwise you're wasting a great opp. Just get something you don't want, return it next week and get dead space 2. That's what i'm doing.

Besides deadly prem while a unique game is so terrible. You can probably just youtube the movie scenes. The gameplay is atrocious.

Just saying.

talltony2889d ago

Dead space 2 came out before this deal expired.

Kran2889d ago


norman292889d ago

You answered your own question with your question, answer....UK....

dorron2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Wished they shipped to Europe :-(

Darth Stewie2889d ago

Damn if I knew this I would not have bought my Mass Effect 2 copy early especially since I can't get on the Cerberus network which has the comic I need to understand the story. The point is Damn you EA.

LMS2889d ago

mass effect 2 is ment to be played on pc, and is still a mediocre game

Rageanitus2889d ago

You will be suprised to see how many xbox fanboys were shocked when they heard it was on PC, they were like ummm I though it was only on xbox... Then when you show them the comparison... all they can say is ohhhhhh

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The story is too old to be commented.