GT5 B-Spec "Remote Races" Coming Early February

New “Gran Turismo Anywhere” features are coming to GT5 early next month.

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sinncross2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Being able to race friends with your b spec racer will be cool and definitely add to post game use of the mode.

Hanif-8762497d ago

I need my [email protected] Bugatti Veyron premium along with that update!

King-Leonidas2497d ago

i need my Formula 1 GT premium too

HarryPS32497d ago

This will be a feature i welcome with open arms!

Bounkass2497d ago

It's about darn time! Then I can even play GT5 a work, lol.

acedoh2497d ago

I sort of have already. Keeping my PS3 running so my B-Spec driver can compete in some of the endurance races.

Bounkass2496d ago

Good point, but if Bob finishes, you can replay the race "online"! ;) Ka-Ching!

tony67672497d ago

so awesome now im willing to start b-spec

DoomeDx2497d ago

I love GT5!
Seems like the game gets better each month!

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The story is too old to be commented.