'$100 laptop' to cost $188

The "$100 laptop", designed to close the world's digital divide by making low-cost computers available to children in poor countries, will actually sell for $188.

News of the price hike comes amid fears that the non-profit One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project risks floundering amid fierce commercial competition and wavering support from governments in developing countries.

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TriggerHappy3934d ago

haha...a laptop for even 200 is still very cheap IMO, I cant believe these guys are making such a fuss over it.

Feihc Retsam3934d ago

But when you tag something as the "$100" whatever, there is an expectation that is set.
$100 (or more like $99.99) is a very affordable amount to spend by today's standards on most items for Americans without them being considered a "big purchase". Once something crests the $100 mark, people start to get turned off and feel compelled to check their bank balances before dropping the cash.

So, when you go from $100 to $188, you shut out a LARGE portion of your potential consumer market

reaferfore203934d ago

"For example, while Microsoft, the world’s largest software group, is now testing the laptop to determine whether it is capable of running its dominant Windows operating system, Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and the world’s biggest philanthropist, has already advised buyers to "get a decent computer", rather than opt for an OLPC machine."

Who would have thought that Bill Gates would say people should buy a computer that runs windows instead?

ReBurn3934d ago

"Get a decent computer" and "get a Windows machine" are two different things.

This project is a noble cause, but it is going to fall short of meeting the needs of most of the people that it is meant to support. In many cases it is possible to get a second-hand PC capable of running Ubuntu Linux for about the same price is this, and it would offer more value.

Feihc Retsam3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

@ ReBurn- I don't think Bill Gates as looking at this PC as an opportunity to expand the Microsoft market share.
He is simply stating that a PC isn't worth much if it isn't ocmpatible with most of today's software. Someone will be happy they got a computer for so cheap until they find out they can't do the tings with it that they had hoped.
Being able to run WINDOWS is something that most people just ASSUME is a feature of their PC.
Not being able to run WINDOWS is a reason to look elsewhere and buy a most expensive "better" machine

The Real Joker3934d ago

Its like going into one of those stores that say "everythings a dollar" $4.99. Too funny.

Bill Nye3934d ago

Same is happening with the "$199" ASUS EEE PC which is actually going to be between $250 and $300 for the base model.

We got to play around with one of the OLPC prototypes and it is simply not for adults. That thing feels like junk. But I will buy the EEE PC. It's perfect for college.

AdolfBinBush3934d ago

nice, i wonder what version of vista will this run..

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