10 strange facts about the Kingdom Hearts franchise

Gamepro: It's been almost nine years since the Disney-Square crossover Kingdom Hearts debuted on the PlayStation 2 and the series has developed a strong following in the near decade since. To celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, we've unearthed the following 10 strange facts about the franchise.

j-blaze1929d ago

"It was conceived in an elevator"

Whoa, I didn't know about that lol...soo glad it turned out to be one of the best series in gaming !

rrw1929d ago

what wrong with kurt zisa?

ps3rider1929d ago

a new fact: its not coming to PS3 . WTF

ps3rider1929d ago

as long they didn't announce it. it consider as a fact.

MidnytRain1929d ago

A Kingdom Hearts for the PS3 seems like a no-brainer. I can't imagine whatever obscene reason they have for neglecting a KH3.

Seferoth751929d ago

Well they may make one, it just most likely wont be on PS3.

rezzah1929d ago

I dislike the fact they actually toned done violence since when people go to watch the movies its not like their toning done the violence in them.

Still Its sort of understandable since its dealing with Disney Characters. However the main reasoning behind this is those whos job is to look for scenes that are "too" violent must think video games make kids violent (though Im sure there are some exceptions in the world but very few). Those people should pay attention to others games released here from within america (BO, which many kids averaging age 10 play).

MidnytRain1929d ago

The whole 13 fetish is interesting. Hopefully, it will be explored in a proper sequel. On another note, the Lance Bass thing is just disturbing.

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