Mass Effect Extended Hands-On by IGN.

IGN Writes: "Commander Hali Shepard doesn't have time for idle chatter.
Standing on the bridge of the SS Normandy, the ship she commands, the Systems Alliance Military special-forces officer snaps at her gossiping men, ordering them to shut up and act like soldiers. There's an urgent transmission coming in and she needs them to focus. They quickly comply. They know better than to cross her".

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fjtorres3870d ago

Yes, I'm buying it.
But its two months away!
Stop the torture!


"The character interactions were unlike anything we've experienced before..."

"Movement in Mass Effect feels like a blend of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Rainbow Six Vegas and Gears of War..."

"It's hard to get a true feel for most games in just an hour of gameplay, and a miles-deep epic RPG like Mass Effect is definitely no exception. We could spend pages talking about NPC body language and eye movement... driving the Mako (few things are more satisfying that bouncing around in a tank and running over robots), radar jamming and map waypoints (they exist), and creating a hot female character (oh, it's possible). But that would just be scratching the surface."

"Graphically, the portions of Mass Effect we saw were quite impressive. Characters' faces were in sharp relief, gas giants swirled ominously in the sky above planet Ferros and the overall game had an intentionally film-grain feel, a feature BioWare's Jarrett Lee told us can be turned off in the game's options menu if players want a crisper look."

"For now, having only seen a small portion of the finished game, we can say it stands poised to deliver an incredible RPG experience that feels like you've dropped a character of your own conception into an interactive sci-fi film."