UK Retailer Game Group Holiday Sales Down 4.1%

UK specialty video game retailer Game Group on Thursday said sales during the five-week holiday period ended January 8 were down 4.1 percent. Like-for-like sales, which compare sales of its retail stores open for more than a year, were down 2.1 percent.

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galgor2886d ago

Maybe it's because their prices are too high..

jack who2886d ago

but they get higher wage

LightSamus2886d ago

"a difficult PC and video games marketplace and adverse weather"

You keep telling yourself that.

norman292886d ago

Maybe because the people you employ dont know jack shit about video games?

Bodster2886d ago

Our local GAME store actually done pretty well this holiday season, although my manager didn't give figures or percentages she defo said that it had been a good Christmas for GAME :)

Almost everyday in December our shop was packed with barely any room to move!

iamnsuperman2886d ago

Could be there is nothing out that is worth buying. Families probably bought Kinect but those were limited annyway and also cheaper online. Game wise there was nothing out. COD came out a month before.

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