Kinect hackers take control of the action

With 8 million controllers sold in its first two months, Microsoft's Kinect has proved wildly popular with gamers. But because the software that controls it is open-source, now hackers are putting the technology to ever-more inventive use

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NYC_Gamer2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

MS now have the mod community support.this will help sell a lot more units of kinect, to be honest i like many of the creative things people are doing with this hardware.

NYC_Gamer2772d ago

that one is real damn cool

Ducky2772d ago

... get faster processing and the military will be all over it.

Strikepackage Bravo2772d ago

MS is encouraging hackers to play around in the brains of Kinect, and Sony is suing hackers and trying to entrap them with one dollar, tisk tisk.

Sony seems to get more desperate every month, just wait till all those exclusives start flopping and getting delayed.

Moentjers2772d ago

would you rather be Sony with a full line-up of exclusives that might flop and might be delayed or ms with no games at all ?

if you put all your effort in competing with the Wii, well then you are getting desperate. kinect is a fine accessoire but the use of it in games hasn't been worked out yet. let those hackers come up with some good stuff and start using it on powerfull pcs and maybe the next-gen xbox.