Is Epic Games Dumbing Games Down For The Sake Of The Market?

People Can Fly's upcoming FPS Bulletstorm is to feature more putrid humour, one-liners and testosterone fueled fun than you have no-doubt, ever seen before. However, the exposure of People Can Fly's previous project Come Midnight, reveals that this was not the developers original intentions at all. The influence of Epic Games seems to have forced the studio to dumb down their creative product in favour of appealing to the mass market.

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Cajun Chicken2892d ago

The same guys made Painkiller. Epic isn't dumbing them down, just
keeping them good at what sells, Bulletstorm looks like a spiritual sequel. Croteam of Serious Sam were working on a realistic war shooter and that also fell apart, now they're back as the Serious Sam studio.

As for Epic though, I would say as a studio they're dumbing down since the advent of Gears of War even changing the UT franchise to fit in with the angle and overall feel of Gears. They just haven't caught up in the realm of storytelling and characters you can feel sympathetic for.

Bulletstorm gets a free pass though, because it's INTENTIONALLY being rude, gory and basically storyless...which is pretty much how Painkiller worked and Painkiller was a great game.

ChrisPriestman2892d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. Still, it is a shame that the market is forcing games to be this way. Especially when you see games that have good potential being canceled in favour of the dosh!

Blaine2892d ago

"Still, it is a shame that the market is forcing games to be this way."

What's that supposed to mean? The market isn't forcing any dev to make games a specific way. If new IPs like Heavy Rain can sell well, then there's room for whatever game a dev wants to make, as long as they make it well.

LastDance2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

are epic games capable of publishing a game that isn't testosterone-filled?

ShinMaster2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Lol, that's yet to be seen.

Although I do hope in the future they make a game with a good and interesting story as well.

socomnick2892d ago

this story is beyond retarded.

Inside_out2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Video games by design are dumbed down. Was Pac man dumbed down? Mario have an interesting story? ALL games are dumbed down on their easy settings.

Bulletstorm does indeed have a attention...

In a game like Bulletstorm, the story will always be second to the game play so while you travel across this planet in different environments, the idea is to come up with different, over the top ways of killing the enemies in the different environments, unlocking different weapons and facing strange and weird enemies...while fleshing out the intricacies ( love, betrayal and revenge )of the story...of course having fun while doing it.

@chicken...Really...did you ever play Gears??? The story in Gears is as good as any that exists in gaming today. You obviously never played Gears on the harder difficulty settings if at all.

What's a good story??? Maybe a treasure hunter with a love interest looking for a secret treasure??? Maniacal madman with Nazi background wants same secret treasure to rule the world...sounds real original...O_o

Cajun Chicken2891d ago

Of course I played Gears. There's just no caring for the characters, they're flat, the scripting is terrible and the animation isn't that great to boot either. There's no twists, no plot developments, no 'humane' characters.

Only thing it has going for it is graphics, even then, studios with their own engine have run past that ages ago.

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NYC_Gamer2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

i'm not buying this game because it reminds of the typical title from epic bulky soldiers fighting aliens

Jezuz2892d ago

Resistance, halo, mass effect. Yeah

Lyr1c2892d ago

Do any of those games have "bulky soldiers"?

Didn't think so.

NoobSessions2892d ago

Tons of developers try to make their games more accessable. People forget that it happened early gens too... just that now, the market has expanded... so they have to keep expanding

StarScream4Ever2892d ago

I'm renting this through Gamefly because it never take off in my gaming mind and my gf don't like buffout profane cussing marines kicking aliens ass and lack any sort of emotion.

Darkfiber2892d ago

Seems like there are more emotions in these characters than in games like Killzone where the characters are about as exciting and interesting as a potato.

StarScream4Ever2892d ago

At least Killzone is more believable than this sleeper.

jdktech20102892d ago

lol at you thinking this game is supposed to believable at all.....

Newsflash to starscream4ever (?) and every other hater...IT'S SUPPOSED to over the top and's kinda the thing

They're trying to have fun unlike many of the stuffed up and "realistic war" shooters of this era. While I enjoy BC2 with the best of them, it's nice to see something just go for over the top fun and craziness.

And lol at KZ3 being remotely believable either....guess you forgot they were video games and not documentaries

DeathMetal14742892d ago

"At least Killzone is more believable than this sleeper."

Yeah cause a handgun weighing and moving the same as an assault rifle is so believable.

RememberThe3572892d ago

I'm sorry but Killzone 3 looks way better than this. But with that said, this game looks sick. I'm Gameflying this too, it looks like a dope ass game.

DeathMetal14742892d ago

at the disagrees only on N4g can you say FACTS but get disagrees because of the Sony defense force, so sad. It's just a console not part of your family people.

Pyscho_Mantis2891d ago

for everyone who complains about killzones weight have never held a magnum before as they typically way 5-6 kg when loaded and the recoil can get to forces of 9 kg. Its not fucking Halo were the guns are like pea shooters.

GarandShooter2891d ago

@ DeathMetal1474

Facts? LMAO How about this fact? The inertia of a soldier is influenced more by his total mass than the mass of the weapon he is holding. His mass changes as he fires and acquires ammo, not by which weapon is slung or holstered.

The disagreers are correct, and you are wrong, regardless of the reason they're disagreeing.

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Darkfiber2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

If by making it fun and lighthearted instead of another ubarsuparsrs shooter you mean dumbing down, then I guess. And besides, the gameplay seems to make it so you actually have to think in order to combine attacks and kills to get the most amount of points unlike every other shooter where you just aim at their head and pull the trigger while hiding behind cover.

RememberThe3572892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I totally agree. Just because a dev is being more light heated about their approach doesn't mean the game is dumbed down. The action looks a lot deeper than most other shooters and that is what Epic goes for in their games, action. I don't see any problems here.

I love dramatic games as much as or probably more than the next man, but that doesn't mean I never want to laugh and have a good time as well.

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